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lego tripod

easily connected tripod with camera
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with one small click, my camera would connect to the lego tripod - so helpful while photographing wildlife. normally by the time I have screwed the traditional tripod (even the gorillapod thingy) into my camera and adjusted the setting, the flippin' bird or duck has gone (laughing).

I could adjust the height of my bricks to suit my height before I even go out and proprietary lego does come with bricks, if memory serves right that enables movement on all planes so building a tripod would be a doddle.

I could disassemble the whole lot into its component parts after my photography session if I really wanted.

po, Jun 22 2010

For [po] http://www.jessops....cts/36297/show.html
Gorillapod with quick release plate :) [kaz, Jun 23 2010]

try this one po http://translate.go...&tl=en&hl=&ie=UTF-8
[Voice, Jun 25 2010]


       Most decent tripods come with a quick-release plate that is permanently attached to the bottom of the camera, and simply clicked into a quick-release socket on the tripod. Very Lego-like.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 22 2010

       mine must be less than decent.
po, Jun 22 2010

       It's not a bad idea - and implementable too - by glueing a big bit of lego to the bottom of your camera.
zen_tom, Jun 22 2010

       Have you considered pelican photography in the Gulf of Mexico?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2010

       I have one of those [kaz] very fiddly and you need to find a correctly angled branch to attach it to. does Attenborough have these problems?
po, Jun 23 2010

       I can't see that [21]
po, Jun 23 2010

       // A Benbo. Wonderful design //
Based on a machine-gun tripod.

// I’ve got a Manfrotto // I had one of those, but the medication cleared it up a treat.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 23 2010

       [po] if yours has a quick release plate, why do you ever need to screw it on? Shirley you just leave it on the base of the camera and attach to tripod in one swift motion when needed?
kaz, Jun 23 2010

       perhaps I'm scared of dropping my camera while making that deft swift motion you speak of. you have no idea how clumsy I am.
po, Jun 23 2010

       [21Q] : The reason [po] can't view your link is because you posted the US version of the site and webpage. In order for people in the UK or Deutschland to view the page you would have to change the region settings indicated at the top of the Universe Lego page and then find the tripod information you were referencing. I tried, but couldn't get anything about a Blue and Red Tripod to display either.
jurist, Jun 24 2010

       [voice] see what I said to [kaz] about the same product. I must get around to using mine sometime but with the subjects I generally snap, by the time you have found somewhere suitable to put it, subject has gone.
po, Jun 25 2010


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