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dancing birds

street show where the pigeons join in with the drumming
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Human bird feeders on your team dispense wheat kernels in rhythm with the drummer so that the birds learn to join in and enjoy the beat, slowly get the birds to realize they are participating in a shared dance enjoyed together by the birds, the band and the viewers who are purswayed to sway and dance with the music as well.
pashute, Oct 03 2021

https://www.youtube...watch?v=FqJdzYY_Fas [pashute, Oct 03 2021]

parrot dancing https://youtu.be/ec5-rKe-rpA
[xandram, Oct 03 2021]


       + whilst this is generally done with parrots, here’s some bread to see if you can train the pigeons to dance.
xandram, Oct 03 2021

       if I didn't know better I would have thought this was my idea +1
po, Oct 04 2021

       I thought it was [po]'s too. [+]
pertinax, Oct 04 2021

       [Pert] :)
po, Oct 04 2021

       Me 3.
blissmiss, Oct 04 2021


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