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Concert reminder

links you music library to an online concert database
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Having just missed a concert i sorely wanted to attend for the simple sin of not reading the entertainment section on a regular basis, this idea dawned on me.

this program will alert you whenever a concert of an artist you like is taking place near you. begin with entering your home address and how far your willing to travel. then allow the program to look through your music library and compare those artists with a concert list for the upcoming month. link to ticketmaster or something if you want

fuzz2050, Sep 12 2006

e v d b http://www.evdb.org
an events database, like what you want. [neilp, Sep 13 2006]


       Are you sure your own music library has to be digitaly absorbed in order to do this? I wouldn't mind getting an email for a concert if I signed up for it.
Zimmy, Sep 12 2006

       Don't most bands maintain gig email lists?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 12 2006

       a really good idea, although done by quite a few people in fairly average ways see evdb link.   

       I'd like to integrate this into last.fm or iTunes or Google Music Trends though, to make it useful
neilp, Sep 13 2006

       i have a few hundred artists in my collection. i dont want to have to browse through a few hundred gig lists. i'm even so lazy that the idea of checking a single event list once a week or so seems like a lot of work.   

       i want this program to know what i want to go see, and to tell me when its going to come up.
fuzz2050, Sep 14 2006


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