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data pumps

buy your performance, comfort and safety as a computer programme
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In conjuction with your electronics in the car would be a hard drive. with performance limitations and other info programmed into it.

The concept is that when you buy a car its a standard version 1.0. You can update it by paying at a petrol station. They will send a new programme to your pump. Bluetooth technology then transfers the data, thus improving your top speed, acceleration and other info. Any driving offences will result in your right to accessing more programmes being revoked and your car could even be disabled. Stolen cars can be sent a signal to just "die" on command.

Speed limit signs could have speed guns in them. If they catch you, they send a signal to your cars receiver noting the offence in its memory and slowing you down at the the same time.

Stations could also be a HMV or virgin megastore so you can buy mp3 music and have it sent to your car aswell. Also maps of he area with most efficient routes to your destination. (local maps as standard with your petrol, others payed for. Advertising all other stations of that brand on the map)

mikeellis, Mar 08 2004


       In other words, the engineers would deliberatly restrict the performace of your car, then you'd have to pay to get the full performance of your car.   

       Big fat slow fishbone for you (but you can upgrade to a bun by paying a "nominal" fee).   

       PS. The first part is already baked (at least unoffically). GM cars have had built-in speed and rev limiters since the 90s. There are companies who will remove those limits from your engine computer.
GenYus, Mar 08 2004


       This basicaly already happens, stated by another user most cars can be "chipped" for better performance cars with forced induction reaping the highest gains.   

       The automatic ticket thing is already done in Germany, and is a little too big brother for me.'   

       Besides it will put the donut eaters out of a job.
n2toh, Jan 08 2006


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