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design by toying

Using the population to find unique cases , the masses helping science .
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Science: Experimentation

Place in the the market a cheap scientific toy that can be modified . A website is linked to the toy asking for everyone to try and get the best of a known dimension . Prizes and insentives are offered for the modifications that create the best outcome .

Not unlike the X prize but on large random distributed scale .


I have thought that a rocket XnoozleX nozzle is abit wrong in that it is working against itself by rocketing already rocketed air . My belief is that in the perfect situation you want the thrust to web/densify/weave the air and create a better plat-form to push off . A sketchy example is the cartoon jetsons flying car with the pulsing thrust . I believe the goal is to generate the wave fronts that don't mix the air and rocket expansion gas so there is more friction/grip to lever motion .


Create a rocket car that works from a hose off a tap . When the hose is turned on the rear thrust nozzle propells the car along the ground . The toy has a jet nozzle that you can make adapt to anything you see fit . Rocketry 'children' could have fun trying to see what gets the best acceleration , while learning .

If someone manages to come up with that 1 in 1000000 unique case that gives a leap forward then the website is there to inform the plasma dynamcists of the new discovered factors .

I suppose it is slightly baked with the pump water rocketry , although there are no publications that the fun could advance mankind .

Oh , when the toy loses it's attraction , an adaption makes the unit a sprinkler or outdoor shower ?or refund? .

wjt, Nov 03 2008

metaphor for rocketry Nearly_20Stationary_20Bicycle
What I believe is wrong with rocket thrust . [wjt, Nov 03 2008]


       I like the idea especially if you use it more like brainstorming. If you asked for a new way to program a microwave, anyone who has used a microwave is qualified to comment on it, you don't have to be an an engineer to reply. You scan the responses looking for that unique approach that combines simple and implementable. You can even take just a piece of their idea.
theGem, Nov 03 2008

       The problem with your rocket noozle is that there are too many Os, and it sounds like something to do in the backseat out by the old quarry. I think you will find substitution with a Z will help.   

       But on a more serious note: I like the pinewood derby approach here. Rather than powered by tap, which one could game by using highpowered tap, make it like a water rocket, run off an attached 2L bottle and capable of storing only a given amount of pressure. There is an exhibit like this at the OMSI in Portland where you can alter proportion of water and gas in the bottle, pressurize (the gas, obviously) then release. Too much gas and you lack propellant water - too much water and you have inadequate pressure.   

       Your toy car would have these two variables also (in the bottle) and their optimal ratio might vary depending on attached nozzle.   

       It could be a science contest for teams fielded by schools. Fancy pants schools where they could afford the cars, and also fancy pants for team members to wear. There would be a Pinewood Derby style final where one could make sure the car did not have a battery attached or some such.   

       Maybe the car could be a kit. Maybe it could be cheap. Again like Pinewood derby.
bungston, Nov 03 2008

       [theGem] I wanted to access more practical stuff , stuff you only find out by tripping over when things go awry . The more people trying the greater chances of a subtle find .   

       Like when vulcanisation was found because of a spill etc .   

       Rocketry is probably a bad example because of the enviroment and states of matter involved . I was trying to trying to think of a way water spray flow into air could be made more turbulent to give insights to the higher states .   

       Thinking along the lines of error , a better example would be those crystal growth packets where anything could be dropped/doped in to give a expansion in the field of materials .
wjt, Nov 05 2008

       //it sounds like something to do in the backseat out by the old quarry//   

       Don't knock noozling. It's safe, satisfying for both, and you can't get pregnant doing it.   

       I really like this idea. Use trained untrained human intuition to create, then figure out why it works later. +
nomocrow, Nov 06 2008


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