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disconnectivity greeting cards

Wait for it.
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Most modern greeting card reasons ("sorry your meeting has been cancelled" etc.) can just as well or better be handled by electronic greeting cards.

But there is one modern occasion that just cries out for postal or hand-delivery, and that's greetings to a remote co-worker whose Internet access is cut off by a defective DSL line and insufficient tech support resources of their provider.

I propose a line of "Get Reconnected Soon" greeting cards and products for this occasion.

"Compost Is Brown,
Roses Are Red,
Small Feathers Are Down,
And So Is Your Net."

Other gifts for the occasion:
- a bottle of champagne or wine with a card "Here's something else for you to unplug";
- a book with mock instructions stressing its wireless operation;
- any "unplugged" music CD;
- a gift set of stationary with preprinted fields and checkboxes for IP headers, together with a copy of RFC 2549 and a bag of breadcrumbs.

jutta, Mar 14 2002


       or flowers with the heads off
technobadger, Mar 14 2002

       I see a personal delivery option.
Vivacious docents pushing a 'crash' cart filled to overflowing with word puzzles, rock candy jacks or jackstraws, cool towels, a margarita blender. Then, an impromptu "Kids go to work day" is made possible by cooperation with schools.

       Big downer -- when the all-clear "file at will" notice signals everyone should return to normal.
reensure, Mar 15 2002

       we're all very sad to hear, your high speed link is down, just use your dial-up if need be, to prevent withdrawal from the bakery
rbl, Mar 15 2002

       Carrying on the theme to other areas:   

       I tried to ring you up today
when I thought you'd be at home,
then I heard a voice say
you no longer have a phone!
(Gift suggestion: Two tin cans and some string)

       I'm leaving you, dear roommate,
I've finally had my fill,
they cut off our electricity today,
because you didn't pay the bill.
(Gift suggestion: A box of votive candles)

       I was eager for our dinner date,
but I guess I'll have to pass,
since you can't use your stove or oven,
as they've cut off your gas.
(Give suggestion: Jiffy-pop popcorn and a can of Sterno)
phoenix, Mar 15 2002

       Gift-wrapped mail-order catalogues for all your newly disconnected co-worker's favourite online shopping sites.

A radio.
hippo, Mar 15 2002

       An SLR camera, a portable darkroom with requisite chemicals, plenty of paper, envelopes, stamps, and a pen to write the address.
To substitute for your webcam.
sappho, Mar 15 2002

       Back here in the office
our work now shows promise
Our network's just singin'
'cos you're not dialling in
But I bet you're forlorn
now you can't surf for porn.
hippo, Mar 15 2002

       With great dispair and forlorn, you've finally been of computer shorn,   

       a virus download with nudes of Beth, has brought you the Blue screen of death
CrazyWulf, Jun 16 2002

       You might as well cheer them up by snail-maliing them some porn.
Gallo Pinto, Mar 14 2007

       I'm sad to hear your link is down
But you haven't missed a lot.
I did your surfing for you
And this is what I got!

[Enclosed 404 screenshot]

[One to send to the worker in the next cubicle]
Oh shame and woe!
You're stuck off-line
Your link is down
And so is mine!
DrBob, Mar 14 2007

       Or in Haiku.   

       The net is our cool water.
My spirit drinks deep.
But your well now has run dry.
the_jxc, Mar 14 2007

       Start sending GPS guided pegions for rfc1149 communication. [link]
kamathln, Nov 12 2008


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