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hexadecimal birthday cards

Life begins at 28
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"Congratulations you're A Today!".

"Wishing you a very merry 12th Birthday - go out and get drunk - its legal!"

"Remember Life Begins at 28!"

"15 Again !"

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 40"

monojohnny, Jul 01 2006

Not just for birthdays http://www.thinkgee...hirts/generic/724a/
[fridge duck, Jul 01 2006]

ASCII->TEXT http://centricle.com/tools/ascii-hex/
(use % separator) [monojohnny, Jul 02 2006]


       Will you still feed me when I'm forty inches?
zeno, Jul 01 2006

       For the mathematician in all of us
javajean, Jul 01 2006

       [fridge duck] I'm #00FF00 with envy that I didn't think of that hex joke on that link you sent.
monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

       Why limit the use of hex to just birthday cards? Can't I send someone a card that says:
67 65 74 20 77 65 6C 6C 20 73 6F 6F 6E 20 21
Canuck, Jul 02 2006

       :-) laffin.   

       May I suggest a small change to the message:   

       68 61 70 70 79 75 70 67 72 61 64 65
monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

       [zeno] - only on Forminiferans.
monojohnny, Jul 02 2006


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