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donate excess weight to the poor

your loss is their gain
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Motivate people who need to lose weight for health by telling them that for every pound they lose Weight Share Inc. will make certain that a starving child in a poor country gains a much-needed pound. You pay to use Weight Share's services, they operate as a not for profit (dedicated to giving Americans fewer heartattacks and helping poor kids. --what could be better?) You can also buy a gift certificate for the program for a friend or make a donation for free weight loss scholarships given to the poor& obese in the US.

***Program participants may only lose weight to help until they are in the healthy range. Once in the healthy range maintaining their weight will earn them 1 pound per a two months for the starving kids for up to two years.

Honestly, who could indulge in 2nd helpings of desert when you REALLY knew "there are kids starving in Africa" (because of you, you greedy bastard!)

futurebird, Dec 07 2002

Zimbabwe Report http://uk.news.yaho...0321/325/fenu9.html
Found this while looking at Yahoo World News. I think it might have something to do with this topic (more or less). [froglet, Mar 21 2005]


       Here, you can have some of mine...   

       Unfortunately, the logic of excess food, or even money, in the US going to feed the starving millions doesn't quite work. Even if the food distribution systems were up to it, most people starve for political reasons. Any analysis of famines shows that they are caused by political will, or lack of it, not the lack of food, that is generally sitting in warehouses in other parts of the country, hoarded and out of reach of the starvees. This is about to happen in my own home country (Zimbabwe), and it is really distressing.   

       [If that's not excess fat, I don't know what is.]
DrCurry, Dec 07 2002

       "The number of overweight people worldwide has, for the first time, caught up with the number who are underfed, says a report out this week.   

       There are 1.2 billion overfed or obese adults, equal to the number  who have too little to eat. Poor countries are piling on the pounds, along with western Europe, as population move away from the country to a more sedentary city life."   - source TOI 27.01.2000
futurebird, Dec 07 2002

       Mr curry PHD, it's clear I hope that this idea is meant mosly as a weight loss motevation tool-- not an end to world hunger. The few 1,000 hungry kids who get help are just a nice bonus.   

       oh and another thing-- people spen I forget how many billion dollars on weight loss stuff every year, what id say 30 percent of that went to hungery kids instead of pills that don't work etc. ??
futurebird, Dec 07 2002

       Sadly, much (in some cases all) of the money you send ends up in the hands of the men with guns, all to often the local government. Put your money into organizations promoting justice and democracy in emerging nations - it will do much more good.
DrCurry, Dec 07 2002

       but the main point to to motevate people to lose weight. That's the service. Could I do more for AIDS by giving 3 hours of my pay to some scince guy who was looking for the cure, or by buying AZT for that bum at the washington bridge instead of going on the AIDS walk? Yes, I could. Would I get as great of a emotional return? No.
futurebird, Dec 10 2002

       Actually, the "emotional return" may just be the key as most people who overindulge do so for the emotional return they get from eating. I like this idea, but it needs a corporate sponsor, like WeightW or JennyC. Those diet companies could donate their pre-packaged, "healthy" food for shipment to the poorer countries based on how much weight their clients lost.
Marassa, Dec 10 2002

       [Thank goodness someone else showed up!]   

       To get people to lose weight, you are essentially appealing to their vanity and/or personal comfort. To get people to donate to combating AIDS or world hunger or whatever, you are appealing to their altruism or sense of pity. I don't think mixing the messages is going to provie useful to either goal.
DrCurry, Dec 10 2002

       But this is only for weightloss *for health only* --fat kills a lot of people in the US, and chaing diet habits is hard.
futurebird, Dec 10 2002

       This is bakable without the incorporation of a charity (is that allowed in the US, corporate charities?) by having a "sponsored slim" with the cash Monet raised going to the charity of your choice.
my face your, Dec 10 2002

       Losing weight is not just a vain pursuit, it's good for your physical health and it's even emotionally healthy to care a bit about your appearance I think. So it's not really a juxtaposition to tack on the extra noble pursuit of helping the starving.
ocepanda, Feb 01 2003

       It's a good idea!
ocepanda, Feb 01 2003

       I don't mean to interrupt your battle-of-the-bad-spellers, but this *doesn't* involve physically liposuctioning fat out of obese people and shipping it to starving people for... lipo-induction? (or whatever the opposite of liposuction is)   

       Sorry. Carry on.
ConsultingDetective, Feb 21 2004

       Lipoinjection, I believe would be the correct medical term.   

       And hopefully Robert Mugabe will die of coronary artery blockage.
WordUp, Feb 22 2004

       My name is Esme Dowodu and I live in Chad. I wish to say that we don't need none of your lard here and I'd sooner jump in a river of snot than accept donations from the likes of you. Besides, your donated fat probably contains toxins.
algoyo, Apr 14 2004

       Okay, I truly am interested in exploring this with someone. Please come back. I have a website called donateyourweight.com and I am toying with creative ideas/marketing twists. Basically, I'm a hypnotherapist who specializes in weight problems and I know the power of words so...I think lose is a word that has negative associations in the mind so I chose donate. I also chose it to spin on the whole notion of "Finish Everything on your Plate because there are children starving in..." Of course, finishing everything on your plate will not help with weight loss. However, if you feel guilty for those starving children why not DONATE to an organization that actually works to save starving children?   

       Any one want to engage me in this twisted pursuit? Make fun of it, give me ideas, entertain the concept?
don8urw8, Feb 22 2005

       Whale harvesting!
missingdonuts, Feb 24 2005

       Hmmm...Don't quite get it. I think I found part of my answer. As a positive reinforcement and aid in learning new habits, a person will pay themselves money each time they accomplish one of the 6 Stress-Free Slimming Strategies. One of the 6 Strategies is "Leave Some Food on Your Plate." I'm going to recommending donating that portion of the money to feed the hungry. Get it?
don8urw8, Mar 21 2005

       Or how about 'make a dinner for four people when there are six', would that work? Smaller portions, see.
froglet, Mar 21 2005

       Well folks, we figured it out and it's happening. Our first event is the Donate Your Weight Comedy Fundraiser. Check it out at www.don8yourweight.org. The idea has gained some serious momentum. Basically, our slogan is laugh, lose weight and support a good cause. There's a lot more to come so feel free to chime in.
don8urw8, Jul 29 2005


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