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dot matrix skywriting for airliners

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Do a geico skytypers stylee timed release of smoke from nozzles on the airliner to write on the sky "we went this way ->" every 20 minutes.

Could also write stuff by passengers, like "Oh god, not the rice crackers again" or "Help, I'm being held captive in a smoke cannister factory."

not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2014

http://www.geicoskytypers.com [not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2014, last modified Mar 27 2014]


       Possibly with timed tortoise chaff dispenser.   

       Obviously the tortoises get parachutes, and being slow moving are unlikely to move far from the path the plane took. It'd be a complete bugger with leopards, I can tell you.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2014

       Or finally a use for fox hunters, simply attach the practice drag to the plane. Pack to follow via helicopters.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2014

       A captain looking for a last flight practical joke could have fun with one of these (as long as there was someone else to pin the blame on).
skoomphemph, Mar 24 2014

       //[not_morrison_rm, flag, unflag, edit, delete, Mar 23 2014]   

       Anybody got the faintest idea what happens if I click on flag?   

       Anyway, the airline could use the writing to plug its company, create paranoia, by sky-writing "they're watching you, you know" or amusement (of a sort) by doing a big sudoku in the sky..
not_morrison_rm, Mar 24 2014

       Ahem, and Iain Banks.
nineteenthly, Mar 27 2014

       //Sort yourself out man.   


       //Iain Banks.   

       Closest I can think of is Zakalwe* in the crater making a distress sign out of bird poo or whatever.   

       *Well, not really Zakalwe.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 27 2014


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