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light rail tram safety laser projector

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Somebody in the news died again from getting hit by a train.

Could be because they are unaware, and got earbuds on.

Well what if the tram have a super bright laser projector that shines a "barrier" in front of where the tram is heading. The projected line in front of the tram will indicate that the tram will get to the projected point in 6 seconds, just enough for people to see and get out of the way.

To dynamically give this "6 seconds" notification, this projector is mounted on a motorized servo, it will detect the speed of the tram and adjust the projector angle to ground. At standstill it will point downwards and off to avoid annoying bystanders. As the tram speed starts to increase, the projector will increase in brightness and the servo will point it further ahead to maintain the 6 seconds notification.

Later on, the projector could include a proximity sensors that if tripped, will automatically sound a directed "STOP" command and if necessary, trip the emergency breaks ( and take a photo of the offenders to send them the bill for untripping the emergency breaks)

mofosyne, Jul 30 2013


       Somebody died AGAIN? I guess that does qualify as news! :)
Vernon, Jul 30 2013

       ah... well I'm just gonna pretend that this idea is for the reduction of accidents, involving 'living impaired' humans colliding against trams.
mofosyne, Jul 30 2013

       [-] for an anti-Darwin device. Those who get mown down by trams - large, often garishly- painted vehicles moving along highly predictable routes - be they slow, the inattentive, or the plain stupid, need to be blotted out of the gene pool.   

       Put long sharp spikes on the front of the trams, too.
8th of 7, Jul 30 2013


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