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double helix shaped turbine

new compressor design for traditional jet turbines
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my idea, which i have no clue if its effective or even feasible, is to shape compressor blades like a double helix or similar form. my original idea was inspired by an old school push-type "reel" lawn mower, the kind with the barrel shaped set of spinning blades.

in my compressor idea the the blades would similar to the shape of the lawn mower blades --air would be compressed by the vanes against the engine housing (traditional cigar or tube shape)-- and the blade itself would get smaller from one end to the other. fuel could be supplied by ports farther down the housing that get exposed as the vanes spin.

in theory the turbine i describe would be hollow in its core, but i suppose you could use multiple sets of concentric vanes to fill in, maybe spining the other direction.

not sure if this would work or how it would affect effeciency, complexity, etc. or even where it could be used effectively (i like the idea of using a small turbines to power electric motors for cars though)

EDIT: i added the pic "more like this" to give a general idea

nuttmeg, Mar 18 2004

compressor blades http://images.googl...e&sa=N&tab=wi&meta=
[scubadooper, Oct 04 2004]

more like this http://www.allabout...ages/Reel_mower.gif
[nuttmeg, Oct 04 2004]

From the HB archives: Vertical Airscrews idea http://www.halfbake...cal-hub_5fairscrews
[nuttmeg]: you might find this older halfbakery idea to be of interest. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Scroll Compressor http://www.indoorcl...crollcompressor.htm
[eilathean, Oct 04 2004]


       Sorry wouldn't work, see the link to some piccies of compressor blades.
scubadooper, Mar 18 2004

       To use in an engine it will actually have to compresses some air, with a ratio of eight or so at the least. Not clear how your machine will do that. But the traditional compressors could be replaced with other types; maybe less expensive types for ground use. Have a look at [mackerm]’s posting with the claw pump, and the links there.
Fussass, Mar 19 2004

       This seems to be a "twin screw compressor".
mackerm, May 14 2004

       My thought about the helix/screw vane is that it might not develop enough throughput to light the fire.   

       [scubadooper]: There are all manner of compressor blade configurations beyond the ones you linked (axial). Your proclamation that it "wouldn't work," and citing that lame link as proof is a bit weak.
bristolz, May 14 2004

       How about scroll compressors used by most air conditioners?
eilathean, Jul 04 2004


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