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dronchitecture high rise building

no elevators no stairs no hallways high rise
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buildings in manhattan have a huge amount of space dedicated to hallways, stairs and elevators. this includes utility space on floors for motors that run the ventilation for these spaces, as well as the motors for elevators.

it's a particularly bad problem. the bigger the building gets the more space you need for these things.

introducing dronechitecture high rise buildings. ALL SPACE IN THE BUILDING IS ACCESSED FROM OUTSIDE WINDOW-DOOR PORTS. there are no hallways from stairs and elevators. you simply attach your harness to a drone above your head and it lifts you up directly to your desired floor and desire DOOR on that floor. in this manner, internal routing hallways and internal elevators are eliminated. also, this is a particularly safe set up in case of fires because the drones can access any and all parts of the building FROM THE OUTSIDE so the building is designed to provide many portals of escape and these include emergency repelling lines on all portals to allow people down safely in case of incapacity of flying drones.

special harness for disabled people will be built. but in general the drones can only lift objects of a certain weight to every floor at a time.

finally the building is designed with a crane on top of it for moving the occasionally overly large or heavy object that cannot be lifted by drone. like a couch. or a piano.

teslaberry, Feb 29 2016


       //no elevators no stairs no hallways //... no capitals. At least not in the right places.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 29 2016

       ^ in that respect, I'll gladly bun it if all the capitals that are there correspond to the ones that aren't.
FlyingToaster, Feb 29 2016

       What about wind forces ? The turbulence around tall structures can be significant...
8th of 7, Feb 29 2016

       ...enough turbulence to blow the idea out of it's appropriate category...
normzone, Feb 29 2016

       Could probably do with a category as well.   

       I mean this obviously won't work because drones large enough to lift peole are going to have a large cross section, so your balconies will need to be huge, and indexed so there's room overhead for the huge drone negating and space savings inside.   

       But it raises an interesting point about space efficiency. I remember reading once that tall buildings like the Burj Khalifa end up having a huge proportion of their interior cross section taken up by elevators, given limits of travel speed.   

       Maybe just use your cranes for hauling people up? Maybe just clad the outside of the building with elevators, with opaque inside windows to preserve privacy.
Custardguts, Feb 29 2016

       easier to read as "drunkitechture".
FlyingToaster, Feb 29 2016

       I give this a bun because it is not a pun or piece of goofiness. It is an earnest, genuinely doughy half baked scheme.
bungston, Feb 29 2016

       // The turbulence around tall structures can be significant //   

       So I suppose this rules out using catapults instead.
whatrock, Mar 01 2016

       [-], because what happens when it rains? It becomes drenchitecture!   

       Googlewhack: [ dronchitecture <literally any other word on this page> ]
notexactly, Mar 01 2016

       // this rules out using catapults //   

       Not necessarily; given a high velocity, and a method for imparting spin-stabilization, they might still be a viable option.
8th of 7, Mar 01 2016

       I scratched my head about dronchitecture. But now I get it: an edifice with integral drones. It is not far at all from smart elevators. If you put them on tracks they would be elevators.
bungston, Mar 01 2016


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