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drone wheel barrow

a wheelbarrow you can teach to move dirt for you.
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if shoveling dirt and then moving it is a two man job.

why not have two men shoveling and one drone moving the dirt.

the men 'teach' the drone how to move the dirt initially, and then it repeats the process without further guidance. the drone could be programmed also to listen to commands like "go" to know respond to the shovels being finished loading a full load of the dirt in the barrow.

a more sophisticated drone can even analyze the size of the dirt pile it has created and make decisions on its own , or ask for guidance, as to where and how to dump more piles, if the existing pile gets too big.

teslaberry, Apr 28 2014

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       Moving dirt would be a natural for a drone.
bungston, Apr 28 2014

       Hiring lots of people, covering them in treacle, getting them to roll around on the appropriate part of the ground, then going to a shower somewhere else...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 28 2014

       If the device ceases to be one-wheeled and held by a human, it ceases to be a wheelbarrow.   

       This is just a robotic cart.
Alx_xlA, Apr 29 2014

       it can be a one wheeled gyroscopically balanced programable drone, THAT REMEBERS WHERE YOU WHEELBARROWED IT.   

       it looks and can be used exactly like a wheelbarrow when the computer is off, it's just a bit heavier for the black box with computer battery and motors/gyros)
teslaberry, Apr 29 2014

       The mining industry has almost baked this - but bigger, and with four wheels... big wheels.. no, bigger than that...   

       For some reason, they didn't see the beauty of gyroscopically stabilizing their 100-tonne payloads.   

       Of course, if they did, then a fleet of unmanned trucks gyroscopically stabilized on one central wheel would allow much narrower haulage roads in big open-cut pits, because almost half the load could just hang out over the void. This, in turn would make a big difference to the amount of over-burden they'd have to blast and haul away in the deeper open pits.   

       Hey, [Custardguts], come over here a minute...
pertinax, Apr 29 2014

       So my comment / question was deleted without a response. That's your policy? As you wish - I'll not spend any more time in your ideas.
normzone, Apr 29 2014

       caps? Is that a rule? eh?
po, Apr 29 2014

       You're excused, [po], on the grounds of something or other. Grudgingly. We just don't want to encourage the new girl to follow your example.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2014

       Famous Israeli story: The rich american Jew comes to visit Israel and see what's doing with the forest he donated to the JNF.   

       He sees two workers. One digging out a hole, the other shoveling the dirt back in.   

       He asks what they're doing. We're planting trees, they say. We are a three man team. The guy that plants the tree is off today on sick leave.   

       (It seems I missed some of this heated discussion, now deleted)
pashute, Aug 14 2014


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