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dtmf generator for mobile phones

saves you dialling numbers manually on a land line
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Every now and then I want to call someone using a land line, and I know their number is in my mobile phone list.

What I do now is look them up and then type the number in on the landline manually, what would be great is to get my mobile to make the beeps which dial the number on a land line.

Obv the handset manafacturers wouldn't be too keen, but no reason why third parties couldn't write the software for newer phones.

neilp, Jun 06 2003

close enough http://www.infosync...ws/2002/n/3126.html
symbian version of what I meant [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hmm. I was under the impression that that didn't work anymore. I could be wrong, though.
phoenix, Jun 06 2003

       if def. works, if you make the dtmf tones down a line, it dials. The Psion organiser used to do it, but nowhere near as handy as your mobile doing it, obv.
neilp, Jun 06 2003

       Neat idea, make it universal. Let the palmtop and laptop beep too, or did someone already bake that software?
kbecker, Jun 06 2003

       //The Psion organiser used to do it//   

       I went through 5 Psion 3s under the same warranty. They all broke in the middle of the clamshell (the same electrical connection was faulty). It must have cost them a fortune. The repair center lady said they about 350 were returned as faulty following Christmas that year.   

       Years later, I bought a more advanced model (the last series before they went bust). It lasted 5 battery charges, losing all my addresses each time and finally decided never to start up again.   

       Nowadays, I sure there is a Nokia app that could beep a DTMF or maybe even change channels on my TV via IR.
FloridaManatee, Jun 07 2003


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