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p2p phone number search

search the cellphone contacts databases of your friends
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I run a small company with 2 friends. So our 'business practices', particularly when it comes to managing information, are a little, um, nonexistent.

It often happens that I want to call someone whose number I don't have, but I know one of my colleagues has it. So I have to call him up / disturb him to ask for the number I need.

What if, instead, my cellphone could automatically search the contacts databases of my colleagues' cellphones whenever I needed a number ? My phone would have a list of 'phones to search', and each person could flag certain numbers as 'private' or 'public'.

Of course this could be usefully extended to other types of data eg. calendars etc.

bumhat, Sep 26 2005


       So this would be an add-on service with the small-business cellular plan? Or would it be a feature of the phones?
Alx_xlA, Oct 01 2008

       This seems like an upstream service, a product the phone company offers where they keep a communal address book for a group of customers. I'm sure you could do this with Outlook as well. I'd be surprised if you couldn't do it with Blackberry, but I'm not conversant with it.
phoenix, Oct 01 2008


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