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duck feeder that grows duckweed

nitrate soaked decorative wood floaty thing grows duckweed ducks like eating the duckweed
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Where I camp there are a few ducks When I feed them they happily eat as much as I would eat each day

Naturally .5b readers will presume these ducks were placed there as part of an FBI-mafia cooperative effort to affect my quality of life

moving on we note that regardless of their origins these ducks like food thus a kind of crenellated floating log that automatically grows duckweed would be of benefit

there are a few options: peeing on a log with circular areas where duckweed could grow as the nitrate soaked wood provided nutrients to the duckweed is a way

some of the duckweed would remain at the crenellated sides of the log regrowing after the ducks ate what they could

you should vote for this as it is a new product made of wood, pee, plus duckweed

beanangel, Sep 14 2009

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       OK (+)   

       Our local government in its infinite wisdom is in the proccess of passing legislation that will let them fine anyone feeding fowl on the area.   


       [2f] does peeing to promote food growth legally count as 'feeding'?
pocmloc, Sep 14 2009

       It will if there is a way to bilk the public of money for it.   


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