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e-mail signal

Puts the "e" in "duck"
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There's a Univeral Sign for "Call me" - coincidentally, it also means "I'll call you." As you well know, it's pinky finger and thumb extended (Important: same hand), weird expression on face, though optional is silently mouthing the words "Call me" or "I'll call you".

But confusion arises when one is signaling high hopes for an e-mail exchange. Hence this wretched idea.

I've narrowed it down to one of two choices:

A shadow puppet positioned (though no shadow nor sufficient lighting to broadcast said shadow need be present) in shape of a malformed duck. That is, middle finger touches index fingers nail (Important: from the top) - with thumb extended in proportion to upper beak of aforementioned malformed duck shadow puppet wanna-be.


Put your hand on your mouse - (the one you use for computer, smartass) - put in position to left click. Lift hand (leave mouse on appropriate surface) Yeah. That's the shape. A dead wo/man's wave.

IF you choose the second option, the gesture should be offered with the arm at approximately waist level, horizontal to the plane of the earth. If it is vertical, there will be confusion. In fact, it's confusing no matter how you look at it, so let's move on to step 2 of option A, shall we?

IF, however, you choose the first, be certain to display the malformed duck aka "e" in a manner which is not mistaken for an "a" to the recipient of said signal. Might cause confusion, as the receiver may think they're due to receive some airmail. This will require that the remaining fingers not get in the way of a good time. Unless, of course, that's the whole idea behind the e-mail.

thumbwax, Nov 15 2003


       with ref to a. if you fully extend your pinky on the same hand and get a rabbit complete with quivering nose - what does that mean?
po, Nov 15 2003

       I got a rabbit with quivering thighs, [po]. What does that mean? (nb typo fixed)
Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

       aka, it must be the way you walk.
po, Nov 15 2003

       I have used this one before: brief motion of hands in front of body, wiggling fingers as though typing; segue to right hand only, index finger pointing to person you want to exhange email with, then to yourself and back and forth again. So the message is like "type type you me you me". It's worked.
waugsqueke, Nov 15 2003

       [waugs] I misread your anno, and thought you used your little finger rather than your index finger. On replicating, I found that my brain couldn't cope with extending one little finger and not the other, so I ended up pointing with both, whilst wiggling the other fingers.

       The result was beautifully symetrical, but looked a bit like a thinly horned bison running full pelt, fringe blustering in the wind. A collegue might mistake this for the well known "fancy a safari" gesture, or the "would you like to take my buffalo for a walk" sign.

       Be careful with that.
Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

       aka, yes. does it mean what I think it means?
po, Nov 15 2003

       It's not my idea! Now you've made me hijack thumb's idea! Shame on you, aka. Shame on you.
Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

       [+] One would want to be careful not to offer these gestures with a limp wrist.
Helium, Nov 15 2003

       Don't email me, I'll email you.
DrCurry, Nov 15 2003


       give 'em a cawwot
po, Nov 15 2003


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