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Electronic Joint Kit
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Electronic Joint Kit (or eJoint to use its shorter name), enables you to hand roll a nice fat spliff, just as you would a real joint, but the vital components are the electronic bits that emit the fake smoke and glowing tip of a real joint.

You can of course buy them as "already rolled", but what's the fun of that? See ecigs for principle of how they work.

Choose from any number of authentic marijuana odours, and be prepared for intensive scrutiny when using in a busy public place, especially if you can adopt convincing "high as a kite on the noble ganja" mannerisms following a few drags.

Note: Frequent users of these are commonly referred to as eJahs.

xenzag, Jun 01 2013

eCig http://www.ecigsbra...cuk&sub=101044&rt=0
these things are very convincing [xenzag, Jun 01 2013]


       Here, have a spacecake. If you squint it kinda looks like a bun. [+]
Alterother, Jun 01 2013

       [+] but it's because I imagine a porcelain e-spliff.
FlyingToaster, Jun 01 2013


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