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Work like eyelids, but for ears.
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Clearly, during the bulk of our evolutionary history there were a host of good reasons not to be able to shut your ears at will, but this is the modern world.
moriarty, Jul 27 2001

Earlids: John McCarthy about audio control http://www-formal.s.../future/earlid.html
[jutta, Jul 27 2001]

Shutting Out Sound http://www.hochsens...ron-laerm-tipps.htm
Excerpt from Aron, Elaine N.: The Highly Sensitive Person's Workbook, Broadway Books, New York: 1999 [jutta, Jul 27 2001]

Earlids http://apo.mech.nwu.../random/random.html
Feature #8 on Item 279. [jutta, Jul 27 2001]


       if any of you are rogue enough, maybe this could be a good open source genetics project
quarterbaker, Jul 27 2001

       You could make them out of eyewax.
beauxeault, Jul 27 2001

       ...or thumbwax....
Susen, Jul 27 2001

       baked, i blieve, but only if you're an otter...
Urania, Nov 18 2001

       I thought that that was nostrils (I'm prepared to be proved wrong though, can the otter shut it's whole head?)
dare99, Nov 19 2001

       This might actually be happening in evolutionary time. Many people have droopy ear lobes that, if just a bit droopier and fuller, can be folded and stuffed into the ear as biological earplugs or earlids. Those with the nice-looking attached ear lobes are on a different, quieter evolutionary trajectory.
entremanure, Nov 19 2001

       Or perhaps ear plug earrings. Decorative and useful. Not to mention a bit faster than evolving bigger earlobes.
Turbolich, Nov 20 2001

       Great fo swimming.
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003

       Well, most people have these sort of stiff cartillage lumps just in front of our ear canal. A few muscles added in should be able to pull those back to get a decent seal.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 31 2006


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