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easy audio teleprompter/movie line reminder

Give instructions to video perfomers through whispers into spectral frequency translation microphone that then broadcasts them load, but a computer edits out that audio microspectrum at processing
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I was watching porn when I realized if they could get the paid video actresses to hear cues, almost like a headphone they could say even sexier things or say things at the right pacing. For real porn it could be stage directions for natural sounds like "express yourself" or "do you want it faster then say "yes please".

Rather than a headphone or earphone though the person broadcasting the stage directions, they could whicper the stage directions into a microphone and the stage directions could be translated into a narrow audio spectrum pure tone (likely high pitched) and then the computerized microphone could remove any waveform amplitude (volume) just at that microtone to filter out the stage directions at postprocessing, or processing to record. The stage directions would be completely hearable throughout the video making space to the actresses and actors as normal volume conversation, but would be precisely filtered out with a computer.

This is a new technology for video directors of regular films as well, but I like to think of it as a software option on an easy to use popular consumer camera for making porn.

beanangel, Apr 18 2021


       Forgotten lines are a big budget buster. I could see this.
RayfordSteele, Apr 18 2021

       There is a similar technology, but for light, using time alignment rather than frequency.
Since a camera takes 24 frames per second, there are 24 brief moments when the camera is NOT taking a frame. That's when a laser shines on the floor, eg. to mark position for an actor to stand (I think the original use was for game-show contestants.
Similarly, this idea might work better with a time basis (mostly because I can't quite get my head around your frequency-based method...). Chop both the "instructions" and the microphone "on" into pieces, and interweave them; so when the instructions are output, the microphone is off.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 19 2021

pocmloc, Apr 19 2021

       [Neutrinos shadow] Thank you for the interesting technology for stand markings.
beanangel, Apr 19 2021

       [pocmloc], thanks. I thought I dropped something...
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 20 2021


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