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flying portable camera

put a camera on a boomerang.
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Sometimes you want a take a pic from the top, so it be cool to put a camera on a boomerang, and send it to take pictures and then it comes back to you with a picture that you wanted. Ofcourse the best solution if those they could make it fit in a pocket where you press a button and little wings come out and you could R/C to take a picture.
romanmar, Aug 04 2004

model rocket camera (1966) http://home.mindspr.../camroc/camroc.html
[luecke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sling Shots http://www.halfbake.../idea/Sling_20Shots
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       For some reason all of my pictures are coming out blurry.   

       Think of all of the poorly thrown boomerangs that would end up in the Grand Canyon.
Worldgineer, Aug 04 2004

       My first impression is "dang, what a stupid idea." Followed by, "you know, one of those 20 dollar digital cameras... you could probably work out a way to have it take a picture when you fling it up... " I'm probably going to end up going someplace lonely where I can toss a camera in the air without people thinking I'm a fool. Thanks lots.
lurch, Aug 04 2004

       That's not a bad idea. Timer + slingshot + parachute + mini digital camera = easily baked, moderately useful, highly interesting product. (creating new idea - see link)
Worldgineer, Aug 04 2004

       Hey, mine's different. I bunned [roman]'s idea as well. I even credited [roman] and [lurch] for the inspiration.
Worldgineer, Aug 04 2004

       Boomerang camera - hmm, actually not a bad idea. You'd have to call it a Camerang, of course, but if you situated the actual lens in between the two pronks (in the groin of the boomerang, so to speak) and could use some mechanism (perhaps involving gyroscopes, or more likely fairy dust) to ensure that a picture was taken only when the lens was facing the centre of the circle that the boomerang desribes in flight, then you'd have a really handy tool.   

       The "bullet-time" effect in the first Matrix film was achieved by basically building a huge loop of individual single-shot cameras around the actors, and having them go off sequentially. Each still image then became a single frame of the finished movie, thus creating that "speeded-up slow motion" effect that seems to be everywhere these days. The Camerang would provide exactly the same footage - all the enterprising Austrialian would have to do would be to stitch the pictures together in sequence.   

       The only problem would be that of multiple Camerang collisions around local beauty spots, tourist attractions, birthday parties, etc.
lostdog, Aug 04 2004

       "Get the new X10 flying surveilance camera! See what you've been missing!"
TerranFury, Aug 04 2004


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