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device that makes you become the centre of the universe
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Egorrery is a hat with an orrery built in to it, the sole purpose of which is to confound any critics who might foolishly venture; "You just think you're the center of the universe", inviting you to press a button on your hat, which opens a small hatch, out of which arises your orrery, with you naturally at its centre.
xenzag, Oct 14 2005

http://www.designbo..._source=subscribers How nice of someone to make my idea become a reality [xenzag, Nov 08 2014]


       And I thought this was just another way to store leftover eggs in the fridge.
phundug, Oct 14 2005

       This makes me feel kind of ignorant, I have no clue what an orrery is. I have to go look this one up.   

       (Edited, about 5 minutes later)Ah, now I understand. Bun for the idea, and the new vocabulary word.
PollyNo9, Oct 15 2005

       Splain? Too lazy. Thanks. Welcome PollyNo9.   

       (Edited, about 5 minutes later)Ah, now I understand. You been here for years...)
blissmiss, Oct 15 2005

       + I didn't even know my hat was missing.   

       Isn't it one of those chocolate biscuits? ho ho.
zen_tom, Oct 15 2005

       This is a wonderful idea, finally I can prove everyone right.
wagster, Oct 15 2005

       Im thinking Zaphod and the Total Perspective Vortex here.   

       Anyone else?
DesertFox, Oct 15 2005

       I thought this was going to be a covered garden in which one raised assistants for mad scientists.
Cedar Park, Oct 16 2005

       See last link.
xenzag, Nov 08 2014

       Wow - I can tell the linked page is artistic because it has no capital letters.   

       I still think it would be better if it popped out a hat- hatch, as per [xenzag].
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 08 2014

       Yes, the absence of a hat caused me a degree of disappointment too, but nevertheless credit where it's due and I'm happy to be its recipient! ha
xenzag, Nov 08 2014

not_morrison_rm, Nov 08 2014


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