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emergency robot assistance

robot surveilance cameras
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We all know the preventative power of the camera. However,if something actually is happening,there is little a camera can do. I propose creating simple robots which are designed for simple functions in case of emergency. If a fire is noticed,it could survey for life and go towards them to try to protect them until they can either escape or get rescued,or in case of assault they could be programmed to restrain and alarm the local authorities. They could be collarsible upon themselves and be designed simply to identify life and assist or restrain without harm. One possible suggestion for subduing a violent opponent:arm cameras with a heavy tranquilizer dart,so if anything ever happens inside of a bank or other institution you already have a clear line of site with a non-lethal weapon.
C_kado, Sep 21 2005

VSAS http://www.capvidia.com/index.php?id=63
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 21 2005]

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       You want camera's that can detect violence? How would you differentiate between people playing around and people who are fighting.   

       Also, until the tranquilizer dart bit, I was expecting you to ask for the Terminator.
hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

       //You want camera's that can detect violence? How would you differentiate between people playing around and people who are fighting. //   

       These guys have that pretty much covered. [link]   

       But that gives me an idea. What about a portable 'panic button' that would trigger a camera to do its 'phasers on stun for me and everyine in two feet of me' trick? Course, then the fun would be triggering it when someone *else* was in the zap-me zone.....
ceruleanbill, Sep 21 2005

       Preheated in some Larry Niven short story. Police remotes can stun violent lawbreakers, but ignore minor mischief.
normzone, Sep 21 2005

       Not to cast negativity on the idea but I sure wish the poster would use capitalization and word spacing. It's a courtesy to the reader that, although not required, is appreciated.
bristolz, Sep 21 2005


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