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enter copyprotection serial code via computer webcam during install

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You know how you usually type in serial code numbers while installing videogames and software?

Well why not include a 2D barcode, alongside the printed serial code.

With this 2D barcode, you can optionally use your webcam during install to quickly and accurately enter your serial number.

This would reduce the hassle of entering serial codes, especially if its a long serial number. Hence reducing customer irritation.

mofosyne, Dec 19 2011


       Ah, but wouldn't this be a much more customer friendly and hassle-free experience? Not likely to be adopted then, is it! +
DrBob, Dec 19 2011

       Brilliant. If this doesn't get implemented in the next system I buy, I'll be shocked.
RayfordSteele, Dec 19 2011

       Love this! Especially for those times when I can't tell if it's an "O", or an "0". Bun!   

       <rant> Who is the nitwit who decided that all serial numbers be typed in 6pt font? </rant>
Klaatu, Dec 21 2011

       ^it's to keep old people from stealing software. Discrimination that is.
FlyingToaster, Dec 21 2011

       //old people//   

       Hey! I resemble that!
Klaatu, Dec 21 2011

       //^it's to keep old people from stealing software.// And from reading medicine bottle labels. Which gives me an idea.... [+] btw
AusCan531, Dec 21 2011

       Good idea+. I wonder if the serial number, together with the hologram sticker could be used to verify the software originality, by looking for the change in the image during rotation? Bar code hologram with two barcodes which swap?
Ling, Dec 21 2011

       If it's proprietry recognition software, it wouldn't need to be a standard code, you could use anything recognisably unique or of course it could just read the number. For games, I'd use something themed to the game, like a DNA strand for Resident Evil, a galaxy for a space game, etc.
marklar, Dec 22 2011

       good idea marklar, however I doubt it could be in colour. This is since colour 2d serial codes (e.g. DNA strands) are way more expensive to customise than black and white serial numbers (or black and white 2d barcodes)
mofosyne, Dec 22 2011

This will be done.
You will recieve royalties for each use.

       <only one of these statements is true>   


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