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p2p key generator

Brought to you by the Dot Point Squad
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1. have a program with p2p file search function

2. have this program search, download and display the keygen source code first.

3. have this program run the python code in a virtual sandbox, able to view the machine's information, but unable to call outside, let alone scream.

4. listen for the keygen single generic text based output.

5. kill the keygen quickly, and dump its body from the sandbox.

6. copy the serial code

7. paste into the activation prompt of the program you want to access

8. profit


p.s. if there is additional interest, I may expand on this idea for a new half baked idea. In which the same program, can run other programs off the p2p net, not just keygens (but would need to enable graphical support).

mofosyne, Sep 01 2010


       What's the advantage over just using VMware?
Spacecoyote, Sep 01 2010

       You get to access keygens faster
mofosyne, Sep 02 2010

       so it automates the process of breeching software copyright? I though that this was already generally done.
WcW, Sep 02 2010

       And it will continue to be done, and as soon as it becomes mainstream to do without any considerable effort, the software companies will start to use alternative methods for protecting their intellectual rights.
zen_tom, Sep 02 2010

       For those of us not familiar with software piracy, can you give a little more context about the problem you're trying to solve?   

       What is "keygen", why are you circumspect about running it, and what does it mean to "listen for the keygen single generic text based output" ?
jutta, Sep 02 2010

       you wouldn't want to have the nasty crack lying around on your hard drive providing proof of the obvious, now would you. Gotta keep the old hands clean lest we end up feeling guilty or something.
WcW, Sep 03 2010


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