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enviroment aware ringtones

Enviroment aware ringtones
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A cellphone program that change your ringtones based on the enviroment the pone senses (light, sound, noise, movement, gps, ... ). For example in a noise, moving enviroment and at 8 am, the user will probably in a traffic jam and so the phone shoult ring at maximum volume and vibrate. If instead it's 6 pm and the enviroment is quiet and dark, the phone should only flash a light.
derte84, Nov 13 2009

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       //the enviroment is quiet and dark//
You mean, like in a pocket? [-]
coprocephalous, Nov 13 2009

       yes, dark can mean it is in a pocket
derte84, Nov 13 2009

       So, a ring-tone that is just a flashing light when the phone is in your pocket?
That's useful.
sp. "environment", "noisy", "phone", "should"
coprocephalous, Nov 13 2009

       I like the idea goal, but the development needs some error-trapping for feasibility.
RayfordSteele, Nov 13 2009

       I'm happy to say... BAKED! (somewhat.) Locale for Android. http://www.twofortyfouram.com/
-----, Apr 29 2010


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