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ethical cosmetic cures anemia

This cosmetic actually makes people more attractive while curing anemia
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There are lots of ways to cure anemia grinding away at wet rusty used vehicle parts then drinking the fluid would work

anyway even though anemia is curable with used auto parts plus water the UN food n agriculture organization said there were more than a billion anemic persons near the 20th century

Further the referenced link suggests curing anemia during pregnancy would also cure millions of cases of schizophrenia annually

lets find effective popular cheap way to supplement iron. There are the obvious ways like Having soccer players dress as Iron Man then having their fans pay to feast on replicas of the game armor; Then there is getting Debbie Harry of Blondie to rerecord the phrase "the man from mars is eating cars" prior to Britney resampling it

but this is the .5b thus a new technology is the thing. I suggest a flavored lip goo that contains Iron plus a variety of chemicals that cause authentic attractiveness.

Cosmopolitan is the most popular womens magazine. Cosmo suggests that interpersonal attractiveness is a big motivator. We combine pheremones with polyvinyl Fe acetate plus three tetrachromat colors plus pulsed time release sucronic acid to create a thing women can rub on their lips that over about a month cures anemia providing energetic liveliness which is attractive. They also attract heavy petting three times as much as a result of the pheremones which speaks directly to Cosmopolitans agenda; the time delay sucronic acid releases pulses of sweetness every few hours making them particularly delicious to kiss as well as to reward the wearer with a delicious flavor several times each day The tetrachromat pigments cause the lip goo to be discussed while one woman can see another womans cosmetic lip effects while another cannot thus creating product discussion

all of this chemically at less than a dollar per year. plus the cosmetic actually does make people more attractive three ways: energetic from curing anemia, being a flirt magnet from the pheremones, being visually novel from the choice of how to angle the applicator to get the most from the tetrachromacity

I suppose it could be called FeLines or Eyrie

beanangel, Jul 21 2009

The patent application on the athena institure pheremones which are peer review published at tripling or more sexual activity http://patft.uspto....utler+AND+Winnifred
[beanangel, Jul 21 2009]

polyvinyl acetate is FDA approved edible polymer http://www.cosmetic...6=705158&nothanks=1
different polymer AMU modifies effects [beanangel, Jul 21 2009]

Tetrachromats http://www.post-gaz...6256/721190-114.stm
About half of women see a much richer batch of colors than other people They also see color tone edges where others see flat blends [beanangel, Jul 21 2009]

Blondie sings about eating cars http://www.youtube....watch?v=UWRL9NLQqP8
[beanangel, Jul 21 2009]

Iron woman http://www.youtube....kqg&feature=related
[beanangel, Jul 21 2009]

Therapeutic tattoo Therapeutic_20tattoo
It would work. Could be done with materials currently on the shelf. [bungston, Jul 22 2009]


       [diatonic writes] Men are at risk of iron toxicity if they are exposed to iron supplements. The male intimate partners of the women using your metal lip gloss would run this risk every time they kissed.   

       Unless your that this product only be used by lesbians, I think this idea will remain raw dough. — Diatonic, Jul 20 2009   

       I'm kinda different about certain words thus I deleted a word from this anno   

       Possibilies are that the supplement provides about half a days Iron per application Kellogs Breakfast cereal permits that with its cereals That plus the likelihood that a kisser is likely to accumulate not more than half of another persons lip goo suggests if anything the possibility of mutual benefit
beanangel, Jul 21 2009

       NB: I making a modest effort at avoiding leaving my camp unless I think of an idea that materially benefits at least a billion people Next up is gas additives that are are actually good for people when they turn to emissions   

       critics are urged to think of a clever title
beanangel, Jul 21 2009

       // pulsed time release sucronic acid// Ah yes, that old thing.   

       I'm giving this an optimistic [ ] because of "FeLines". However, I'm not completely convinced that Cosmopolitan readership is as wide amongst the anaemic population as you seem to think. Still...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2009

       You could print Cosmo using a range of supplemental chemicals, allowing readers to lick the faces of their favourite fashion models, n benefit in doing so.
zen_tom, Jul 21 2009

       I really, really must think about giving some blood...   

       //leaving my ...studio unless I think of an idea that materially benefits at least a billion people// good on you!
po, Jul 21 2009

       I very much appreciate the amusing comments   

       Po I had to hike to the library to edit out the word studio n replace it with camp as I am a camper Truthfulness matters to me "studio" was actually a socially dubious metaphor based on the cartoon Reboot
beanangel, Jul 21 2009

       I think the way you do this is to put scrap iron (not the toxic variety) in water butts and water crops with it as a matter of routine.
nineteenthly, Jul 22 2009

       bun for "the obvious ways" I love the time pulse sucronic acid. I think that this stuff would taste awful. But maybe not.
bungston, Jul 22 2009


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