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exchange wedding fingers

inspired by XsarenkaX's idea on wedding ring tattoos
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exchange fingers at the wedding ceremony to prove that the marriage is meant to last. a few inches of cat gut and a priest with needlecraft skills should do it.

one each is enough by the way and not the thumb.

po, Jan 03 2003

hand to hand finger transplant http://news.bbc.co..../health/1690257.stm
[egnor, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

new digits for old http://www.dailybru...ws.transplants.html
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Exchanging hearts? Yii.   

       Histocompatibility and marital compatibility are unlikely to coincide.
egnor, Jan 03 2003

       the doctor in that link looks more in pain than the patient [egnor]
po, Jan 03 2003

       More successful marriages might result because of improved sex life with experienced fingers.
FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2003

       let the fingers do the walking!
po, Jan 03 2003

       As I said before: Ick!   

       P.S. I deleted my tatoo idea, since it's so very baked already. :P
XSarenkaX, Jan 03 2003

       Hey, if it's going to be permanent, just sew the hands together.
DrCurry, Jan 05 2003

       I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and she gave me the finger...   

yamahito, May 31 2004

       more fool her!
po, May 31 2004

       Frequently remarrying people could just install a screw thread.
Detly, May 31 2004


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