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webcam stalk attachment that moves perspective
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During Skype, the view angle is slightly off when trying to look directly at the person. I did think of taping the webcam to the middle of the screen but this has its obvious draw backs. My idea is to have a thin optic fibre, with lens head, subtly run down the middle of the screen and pick up the correct perspective of a face to face conversation. The fibre would then interface to the webcam via suction cup and corrective optics. Now no more lost love, as eye to eye communication with your love one will transcend any dividing distance.
wjt, Dec 25 2013

iContact Camera Pro https://www.kicksta..._bNVZhoCiOcQAvD_BwE
Get genuine eye contact in an instant by flipping down the camera. [xaviergisz, Nov 16 2023]


       Would it be possible to have a webcam built into the screen?   

       The camera needs a "hole" of about 1mm to see out of. LCD displays work by making pixels transparent or not, and by having a backlight and coloured filters behind them. Could some geometry allow you to interpose a camera, yet still use those pixels as part of the display when the camera wasn't in use?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2013

       eye2ear adapter, so you can see what your ear is hearing? Ideal for those suffering from deafness.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 26 2013

       practical. solves a real-world problem. It's not in the spirit of this place but I'm bunning it.
Voice, Dec 26 2013

       Another solution would take advantage of the fact that many monitors these days have a glossy surface. Now imagine some lights beside the monitor illuminating your face. The light reflects off the face and then off the monitor, and the camera is there to see that reflection.   

       The camera video stream is processed by software that also receives the screen-video stream, allowing it to remove the screen-image from the camera image, leaving only the reflected face- image (which is electronically mirrored before sending out over the 'Net).
Vernon, Dec 27 2013


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