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eyeglass washing machine

Machine which cleans eyeglass lenses.
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Ever sat down at a computer late at night and be annoyed by how your glasses have gotten dirty?

A small machine you can set on your desk which will clean eyeglasses. Implementation may require an alchohol-based spray and wipe or some other solution.

Ahh it's a nice golden brown at Sharper Image. Thanks -----.

buran, May 05 2005

Sharper Image Eyeglass Cleaner http://snipurl.com/eyeglass_cleaner
[-----, May 06 2005]

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       A CD-like slot for your glasses ?
normzone, May 05 2005

       It would be really convenient if you could leave them on during the process.
waugsqueke, May 05 2005

       Believe it or not, this is baked by Sharper Image.
-----, May 06 2005

       When I worked in a pub, on request I would use the rotating-brush glass washing machine to clean the specs of grotty old pensioners. They didn't seem to mind the beige and snottery ropes of yeast that clung to the bristles and the other drinkers, well the ones who saw this service, they didn't seem to mind the increased risk of a pint of cider and nits.
calum, May 06 2005


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