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luggage under seats
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I propose that cars should be made with the space below the seats utilized for luggage-space, along with the usual luggage-space behind the rearmost row of seats.

I've made a design-proposal illustarting the idea, shown on :


sirau, May 15 2003

sirau's link... http://www.sitecenter.dk/famiglietta
[waugsqueke, Oct 21 2004]

New Web site for design competition http://www.kompasdesign.it
A new site, with up-to-date drawings, and competition outline. [sirau, May 28 2011]

New site (vistaPrint.dk) for Shopping & Investments : http://www.Famiglietta.dk
For now in Danish,.. sorry about that, got to start somewhere. [sirau, May 27 2012]


       How strange! I was thinking of this very thing just today but for airplane seats instead. This would eliminate overhead compartments and the free-ranging that takes place by some passengers.
Tiger Lily, May 15 2003

       sirau, you can use the [link] function right below your idea to create clickable links (and not include them in the body of your idea). I've done it for you.
waugsqueke, May 15 2003

       Nice site. What's the ground clearance on that puppy? 3"?
phoenix, May 15 2003

       This might be a little bit baked - but maybe not exactly what you are describing. I drive a Honda CR-V & under the front passenger seat there is a little drawer that pulls out for storage. It's not big enough for luggage - but you can store smaller items. Also in the back cargo area you lift up the floor board (also doubles as a picnic table) and underneath is a hollowed out area that can be used as a cooler (tailgate parties!!) or for storing luggage.
funkychunky, May 15 2003

       Heck - why not just ditch the seats and let the passengers sit on their luggage?   

       But I tease: good idea. Any chance of an illustration?
DrCurry, May 15 2003

       I know that several of you have had occasion to remove the seats in your vehicles and inspect the space beneath them, as I have. Which brand of luggage did you think would make best use of that space? Coach? Excepting those of us who routinely drive school buses to and from work, I'm thinking that there isn't enough room to pack much more than a beach blanket, a game of Twister, and a couple of packets of powdered drink mix beneath those seats.(Oh, what fun!)
jurist, May 15 2003

       lol no thanks. I'd rather stick with SUVs
NVadirZim, Jul 08 2003

       The ground clearance as drawn is 4" (100 mm), the same as historic racers use as a minimum. Automotive drawings are always executed with minimal ground clearance, and then increased in the actual execution.   

       The illustration is under the linked web-site mentioned above, see under 'Drawings', and there are also some pictures of some 1:10 and a 1:5 styling and packaging models, I did of the concept, see : 'Pictures'.   

       Also, I did some calculations of the mechanical stress level in such a new chassis, which show a comfortable margin for the calculated aluminium execution.   

       The concept of luggage below the seats can be applied to all sizes of vehicles, i.e. MCC Smart-type 2-seater, with room for 2 suitcases under the floor, plus the conventional space behind the seats for assorted luggage, : handluggage, hat-boxes, golf-clubs, etc.   

       Also regular 4 and 5 seater passenger cars, i.e. MPV style Golf and Mondeo size vehicles, allowing room for 2x 2 pcs. suitcases under the floor, and again the regular luggage-space behind the seats.   

       Thanks for creating the direct http link !
sirau, Dec 09 2003

       This is a very fine idea and, [NVadirZim], particularly applicable to SUVs; they are already raised up several inches. A vehicle with this design would have the ground clearance of a car and the height of an SUV. This would be fine for additional space, but could not substitute for traditional trunk/boot space, since the shape of the space (and its low-slung position) is impractical for many items. This is essentially an extension of the luggage storage areas on a cross-country bus--under the seats, accessible from the exterior.
ConsultingDetective, Jan 31 2004

       New 3D drawings available with new link.
sirau, May 28 2011

       After a bit of poking around I eventually found the illustration. This is a very uncomfortable looking car. Raising the interior compartment for luggage means you get the roof line of a mini-van, the apex clearance of a limo and the interior comforts of the rear-rear seat in a Volvo. The sketchy people in your car are look as if they would scream in immobile agony.   

       The seat cushions are millimeters thick, the leg room is literally nil, the front seats must be fixed upright lets they cut off the legs of the passengers.   

       Given the dimensions the seating makes coach on United look like a little slice of heaven. In a minor fender bender the ambulance is going to be hauling off eight shattered pelvises and a gross of broken legs.   

       A contortionist could sit in the middle seat but would never suffer the indignity.   

       The driver has the side and rear views of a submarine captain without a periscope.   

       The driving position is the same one used for extracting information from captured terrorists, transporting captured enemy combatants in the Famiglietta violates the Geneva convention.   

       Passengers will envy their luggage. Sardines have more leg room.   


       Finally I have to assume that you intend to insert the luggage through the side of the car as the floor space is not large enough to have a hatch on it (your prisoners are literally foot to ass).   

       How do you see this being sold? The consumer isn't going to bring their extended family and all of their possessions to the dealership for a test drive, "more space for drugs and bodies than you ever imagined" isn't going to sell the car to a mass market, nor is " You'll wish that you were a suitcase". My ideas:   

       Its a 2+3+3!   

       Seats more amputees than a wheelchair, carries more bags too!   

       Clown capacity of two mini-coopers.
WcW, May 28 2011


       I did a 1:5 wood model, fitting it with artist's wooden figures, and the space seemed allright.   

       I took the seating positions directly from a pininfarina Alfa Spider series 4/IV, (1992), which I had found most comfortable, driving 8-10 hours per day, with just short breaks.   

       The front row could be just 2 seats, or have further priority towards the two outer (regular) seats : Instead of even spacing 55-55-55 cms, it could be 60-45-60 cms. (The FIAT Multipla seats are an even 55 cms each, an they work fine, even for slightly sturdy Danish mecanics, 6 up total, in just the two row's of seats).
sirau, May 29 2011

       Sales could be directed towards all taxi-fleets, here in Europe, many taxi's are MPV's.   

       The combined power of the all four wheels installations of Tesla Motor's technology 286 HP electrical motors, is around 1200 HP (!!), for 2-4 tonnes of combined vehicle laden weight, i.e. accelleration like a new Ferrari FF/GTO !. - and ecological also, with fuel cell range extender, running on pure hydrogen or liquid methanole (200 liters tank capaticity in the protected central tube.).
sirau, May 29 2011

       //transporting captured enemy combatants in the Famiglietta violates the Geneva convention// Harsh!
mitxela, May 29 2011

       I agree this is a no-go for a family car. How often does the average driver need to take that many people and that much luggage? (More to the point, when he's walking around the showroom, how often does he _think_ he'll need to take that many people and that much luggage?) And, if he does, what's the inherent advantage in having the luggage space under the seats rather than behind them in the boot?   

       If you need luggage space and a driveable car, a big ol' Volvo works fine - and the luggage space is one large volume rather than several small compartments, and can be accessed easily even when passengers are in the car. And, as a plus, you can have three rear-facing fold-down seats in the boot. (You can't have all the luggage space and the extra seats at the same time, but how often do you need both?)   

       I think the point about taxi usage, though, is good - lots of people, lots of luggage, and they won't mind some awkwardness in loading and getting in and out.   

       Is the contest open to anyone? My vote would be a two-seater sports car where the driver and passenger are both prone*, and the whole thing is about 24 inches high.   

       (*side by side).
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2011

       omg people look at the drawing. The seats are literally drawn as a single line with no padding. I don't care how wide you make them this is not realistic. I would never submit to a taxi ride in this vehicle, much less a taxi ride shared with eight passengers with their bags. Carnival rides have more provision for comfort.   

       The alfa spider is a 2+2. did you ride in the rear seat? Most humans consider riding in a +2 an experience to avoid. That alfa has seat cushions: your car does not.   

       This idea is completely baked in the form of numerous vans underfloor compartments to house batteries, tanks and other such functional stuff.   

       I have no respect for a designer who does not include padding, suspension, drive line, door pillars, steering wheel, fuel tank, exhaust, or spare tire in their design. you have not put 1% of the effort needed to win a design contest.
WcW, May 30 2011

       hi all,   

       the seats in a Simca or Talbot from the 80'ies, are not that thick, between the knee and the back of the passenger in front.   

       Remember this is a three dimensional world, the back goes back in the middle, the knees go forward at the sides.   

       The original 1997 internal side profile drawing, is meant to represent maximum compression, to shown the concept's extreme volume efficiency, i.e. double the number of passengers, and triple the number of suitcases, comparing to the Volvo Stationcar 940.   

       The seats ARE padded, 40 mm's thick, plus additional lumbar support, which is not seen in the centre profile, given on the volume sketch.   

       All practicalities are included : One electrical motor at each wheel, in axis. Range extender (generator set or fuel cells) positioned under the hood, in the volume otherwise occupied by the ICE engine.
sirau, May 30 2011

       Possibly you and i are examining different diagrams. I'm working from the image on your website.
WcW, May 31 2011

       it must be the same drawing,. ( Under 'Design Competition 2011').   

       It's a year 1997 design drawing, just examining the volumes.   

       But practicalities are thought to be included (Spare tire := run flat systems, or tail gate mounted, like jeep's).   

       I did stress calculations for a 5 mm thickness back bone tube, and the two adjoining honeycomb plates (floor and lower bottom) : 10,12 Mega Pascals, which is low.   

       The dry weight was calculated to 1111,12 kilo's.   

       I have received three total inquiries as to details of diverse measurements, by designers working on proposals for the competition, to date.   

       Suspension : Like Land Rover's RANGE ROVER Vogue : individual A-arms for all four wheels, with four air bellows/springs, that has 12 inch travel, top to bottom, total.
sirau, May 31 2011

       Just added a new URL for my newest web-site to the project. Albeit in Danish, you can see the structure, and what drawings are available as of now.
sirau, May 27 2012


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