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Car with Tailgate

Carry large items with your car
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Want to drive a car, not a truck or van, but still want to be able to carry something of substantial size when necessary?

How about making the trunk lid into two pieces. The top is flat on the bottom and lifts all the way up, straight up. And the back piece between the tail lights flips down and is a tailgate. Make the trunk floor level with the top of the tailgate when it’s down and you can load something the size of a washing machine or dryer onto a standard sedan. Just push it forward against the inside of the vertical trunk lid and throw a strap around it to hold it on.

Keep those things that you hardly ever use but are always rolling around in the trunk under the floor in covered compartments, and the rest will be easier to reach since the trunk floor is higher up.

There can even be a big weather proof box that can be strapped into place for storage when you're traveling, with much easier access than that little one people put on the roof.

dane500, Dec 09 2004

1967 Falcon Station Wagon http://www.ehighway...com/Falcon67SW.html
Ford Magic Tailgate (flips down or swings out) [LoriZ, Dec 11 2004]


       Owing to the depth of car trunks I see today, I can't imagine many things I'd haul in that fashion. Maybe a golf bag or two, so the car would look ironically more like a golf cart.
reensure, Dec 09 2004

       Regular sedans can carry golf bags already, even if they have to drop the back seat down for more trunk depth, so I don’t understand what you are talking about. For every day use it’s a standard trunk. You would only use it when you want to bring home that new large item without having to borrow or rent another vehicle.
dane500, Dec 11 2004

       TRUNK SIZES 13Wx34Lx19H; 16Wx33Lx19H (STRAIGHT or TAPER BACK). The way I read your idea is that with a tailgate I'd have enough capacity for an unboxed washing machine 38" (96.52 cm) H x 27" (68.58 cm) W x 31 1/2" (80.01 cm) D and very nearly enough space for a boxed one. I gave your idea a + because I drove a station wagon for years, but I doubt I'd like this option in a smaller car.
reensure, Dec 12 2004

       Uh, would the little car's engine even be able to carry a washing machine and luggage?
croissantz, Dec 12 2004


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