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faucet water-pressure driven pic and rotating toothbrush

A water pic and mechanical toothbrush driven by the water pressure in the faucet
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There are a number of devices you can buy to help clean your teetch, including rotating toothbruses, water pics, etc. All of these devices uses batteries or electrical outlets to drive the mechanics of the system.

However, the faucet on your tap already has pressurized water on it.

This is a device that hooks in somewhere on your water lines near your bathroom sink, either on the faucet, below it, on the tap spout itself, etc.

It's connected to thin hoses which drive a water pic, rotating toothbrush, etc. Similar to a air pressure system used to drive tools in machine shops.

That way, you can avoid purchasing batteries, plugging in the devices, etc. More economical and less environmental impact.

lawpoop, Apr 23 2017


       Hmm. This is both practical and feasible. Even so, [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2017

       This also avoids bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes, like mine, which can report my brushing habits to the dental hygenist.
farble, Apr 24 2017

       Rotary only. A type of reciprocating motor would not be advised.   

       I'm not certain why my parents ever bothered to try and keep our water pik around when I was a kid. That thing was far too much fun to play with.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2017

       Hmmm - thought I did something like this once but maybe it never made it past my head.   

       Similar to an athlete's bite guard, but more closely tailored via dental gel molding with spinning brushes at the base of each tooth.   

       I dismissed it as impractical to develop, but given that you can now laser scan a tooth, transfer the program to your fabber and build a crown while the patient snoozes, somebody will play with it and test the market.
normzone, Apr 24 2017


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