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fishing artillery

sonar activated explosive fishing lure
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Intended for those really slow days on the lake. Lure sends out sonar to detect fish. Positive detection results in and explosion sure to bring them to the top!

Takes the guess work out of the game!

babetski, Dec 06 2001

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       What a charming idea. I simply must have it.
bristolz, Dec 06 2001

       [babetski], let me introduce you to a gentleman by the name of [AfroAssault]...
phoenix, Dec 06 2001

       So relieved. I thought this said "fisting artillery". Or just get a trawler with built-in sonar, and trawl the lake.
pottedstu, Dec 06 2001

       I know a guy who was once using high voltages to "catch" fish in a backwoods mountain stream, when a stranger came along and yelled down at him, "Hey, whatcha doin' there?"   

       "Who the hell are you," my friend asked, "some kind of game warden?"   

beauxeault, Dec 06 2001

       This has been done before. Very illegal.

But, since the topic of fish and explosives has come up . . .

As some of you know, I was once an explosives engineer. My company had an interesting project once, though I was not involved in it (unfortunately). This researcher was responsible for designing turbines for electric generators used in hydroelectric dams. He had to do environmental impact assessments on the survivability of the fish fry that inevitably get sucked through the turbines. He and another engineer at my company designed a little "crack balloon" device that consisted of a small gas-producing explosive device, wireless/radio initiation system, and balloon. It was attached to the dorsal fins of fish fry, who were then sent through turbines installed in actual hydroelectric power stations. After a sufficient time, the researcher went out in a boat on the downstream side of the dam, pressed a button on his little radio controller thingy, the devices initiated, the balloons filled with gas, and all the fry were lifted to the surface. The system achieved a 99% recovery of fry, and was instrumental in improving turbine design. One odd occurrence: a large fish floated to the surface after the fry-and-balloon assembly ruptured its stomach.

Sorry about the long story, but I thought it was cool.
quarterbaker, Dec 06 2001


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