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Fishing torpedo

Dynamite fishing the fun way
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You wanna go dynamite fishin', but don't have a boat? Scared of the getting caught when you do go? Just like playing U-boat? Then this is for you. You need the ACME Fishing Torpedo (tm). Simply equip the torp' with a stick of dynamite, and you're off to the lake. Powered by an electric motor that runs off two 9-V batterys, the torpedo will glide between 10 and 100 metres forward, depending on how you set the timer. Once at the target area, a heated wire ignites the dynamite, a co2 canister ejects it and inflates a small ballon to get the torpedo clear. It then floats to the surface along with any fish, ready to be retrieved. Can also be used to scare the crap out of anyone else when it goes off next to their boat/beach. Can also be used with the ACME motion triggered detonator, sold seperatly.
Aegis, Aug 14 2003

Pabst http://www.beercans...abst,Milwaukee).jpg
Makes a "Bock" sound, hours later [thumbwax, Oct 21 2004]

Blast fishing.. http://www.ecoreefs.com/damage.shtml
..is a very bad idea. [squeak, Oct 21 2004]


       I'll bring the Pabst.
DeathNinja, Aug 14 2003

       //I'll have the fish already fryin'//
[dag] - are you just going to fire off a missile to those coordinates before you leave, and then go skim the fish off the lake? No international incidents, please.
lurch, Aug 14 2003

       Do I have to wait four hours before I can track them?   

       dammit, [dag], what'd I tell ya? Ya shot wrong, an' hit a substation, didn't ya?
lurch, Aug 18 2003

       Oh genius. Just when various organisations are trying to stop dynamite fishing doing untold damage to the world's coral reefs too. Brilliant.   

       see link
squeak, Sep 11 2003


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