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flow control at shower head rather than wall

thumb wheel or similar to allow one handed control of flow along with direction of a hand-held shower head.
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Says it all...

How annoying to have to hold the shower head with one hand and turn off the tap (faucet) with the other. Putting the shower head down inevitably results in hundreds of vertical fountains - pretty, but not wanted.

Tulaine, Jun 06 2010

Easy Off http://www.tiptopwe...m/anewproductisborn
[outloud, Jun 06 2010]


       A must have for one handed people. Link
outloud, Jun 06 2010

       In such a bath where the only shower head is on a flexi hose, loose from the wall, this would be a very good solution for those.   

       I qualify it because I only see this in older houses, and most people want to convert to the wall mounted.
dentworth, Jun 06 2010


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