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You are in a wind tunnel about fifteen feet diamater, you are wearing a harness vest with wings hinged to back and the wings are strapped to the wrists and hand grips to hold. Lines are connected to front of vest to underside of wings. A ten foot bungee cord is also fixed to under the vest and the other end to front of tunnel to a swivell. You have swim fins on or a mermaid type fin. You have helmet and shield on. Now the wind is turned on and you go flying in place like your hand out the car window. Could there be a better way to have fun exercising? This may also be a way to fly in a small aircraft in place.
nov8r, May 15 2005

Bird-Man http://www.bird-man...n=windtunnel&mpeg=1
(mpeg) [Shz, May 15 2005]


       Correct me if I'm wrong but I think [nov8r] means a horizontal wind tunnel [Pa`ve] , and the person would be tethered like a kite. (+)   

       That exists as well. I think...
SpocksEyebrow, May 15 2005


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