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for those lazy sundays
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I don't now why, but yesterday I was lying in bed, and really just wanted to put my feet up. I envisioned a nice comfy, gently-rocking place about a foot above the errm...foot of the bed. Sure this could mediocrely be done using all sorts of items...cushions etc.

But I would much prefer a mini-sized hammock designed to rest your feet on...why dont these exists?!

shinobi, May 22 2006

It's been done. http://deathbike.ne...sign/furniture.html
[normzone, May 22 2006]

(?) Ahhh, luxury. http://www.michaelmain.com/traction.jpg
[Shz, May 22 2006]


       The fabric of the universe would not support them.
baconbrain, May 22 2006

       I'd hardly call traction a foot hammock [shz], but [normzone], you seem to have got me. Ok....so its baked more so than bread, and ok, so I didn't googalise like I should have done. Everyone please give me a fishbone for neglegence. Let this be a lesson to all.
shinobi, May 22 2006

       Nah, I only bone the bad ideas. I stay neutral if it's a good idea that's been done.
5th Earth, May 24 2006

       likewise on the bone front - I only bone crap weapon systems or "let's make animals suffer" ideas or anything that denies global warming - may as well throw in anything to do with Star Wars (under dreary drivel category) Just because it's been thought of before doesn't make it a bad idea.
xenzag, May 24 2006


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