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Death Bed

When your dying at least be at joy
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When I die I don't want to be in pain or in some hard hospital bed. So why not have your very own death bed. Your about to croak and you know it, so you set your self in your death bed. This bed has built in morphine to ease your pain, a plasma screen TV, phone to call relatives/friends , Bawls in case you want to die awake, kick-ass computer with cable net connection so you can die gaming, Uber over stuffed mattress, and last all the food you could want in your very own fridge and oven.

Now would you want to die in that , or some lame ,stiff hospital bed watching Pocahontas?

Nils the TMP ninja, Dec 29 2003

[Nils] used to play Counter Strike (whatever that is) under this name .... http://www.teamplay...ex.php/t-26045.html
See entry on that page under the user name "Panic" [normzone, Nov 02 2017]


       May counterstrike forever rest in peace.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003

       What if they're late delivering it?
phundug, Dec 29 2003

       Then its free.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 29 2003

       And who pays for this? Because if you're rich you can do this at home right now.
kropotkin, Dec 29 2003

       Sounds good enough to make it your regular bed.Why wait until you are dying?
python, Dec 30 2003

       I think I would rather live in it than die.
mecotterill, Feb 08 2008

       Pocahontas is pretty cute.
bungston, Feb 08 2008

       [Nils the TMP ninja] is another user who created an account, then used it to create two ideas and anno on one other within a couple of days, and then lost interest.   

       There is one reference to the user name on a gaming forum (link).
normzone, Nov 02 2017

       What we need is a team of people to go out there, track down these absentee bakers, and drag them back.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2017

       Hmmm.... While I'm not sure I would be glad to see every laggard on the list, we could definitely use some action around here.   

       Perhaps your idea is an idea in itself, m'lord. Except that the implementation would probably constitute a " let's all " in method.   

       But I'll take it upon myself to look for opportunities to contact a few old bakers (not the elderly specifically, just those folks that left contact data on their page) and see if anything comes of it.
normzone, Nov 02 2017

       If you contact [Unabubba], we assure you we spare no time, effort or trouble in a holy quest to hunt you down and make sure that the brief remainder of your existance is a complete and utter misery ...
8th of 7, Nov 02 2017

       [norm], buddy, no need for "m'lord" here, where we're all friends. A simply "m'ludsh'p" is quite adequately sufficient as long as the staff aren't around.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2017

       Or you could just enjoy being the more accurate and appropriate YourFartShip.
xenzag, Nov 02 2017


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