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forms enhancement

Google forms enhancer website
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This website and web service finish the job that Google started but never completed, with Google Forms, and creates a totally free environment for creating and maintaining surveys and their results, using Google Forms.

The following enhancements to Google Forms are enabled through our new website:

1. Import a new survey from a word document, a csv, an xml or an excel file.

2. Create question pool which randomly or selectively are chosen per survey or per group of surveys.

3. Allows preliminary tasks before the survey starts such as interacting first with another website inside an iframe, or showing shaking text, or confirming you watched some presentation, or explaining something about the survey.

How it works:

1. You login through oAuth to your google drive, giving permission to see and create the "forms" (surveys).

2. The imported files and randomly created versions are uploaded to your google forms account using google forms script: The script creates the form according to the definitions you gave on our site and/or in the uploaded file.

3. Upon your request the formsEnhancement.com website accesses the results and consolidates them into one result, with markings of which of the forms they came from (and a mapping of those in a separate sheet in the workbook)

pashute, Jul 20 2015




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