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Glow in the dark fortune cookie t-shirts
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Image you walk into a posh and hip boutique, there sitting on the table in the centre large plastic (most probably PET the same stuff plastic soda/pop bottles are made of) golden tan transparent fortune cookies, inside a t-shirts. Each t-shirt has printed on the front a picture of a fortune cookie in that sparkly thick plastic-like coating (like my favourite 1970’s t- shirt was). The key is the fortune is written in glow in the dark ink. The t-shirt come in tanks cap sleeve t-shirts. The t-shirts could be any colour since the fortune and image will be on that thick opaque undercoating. The top coating, which is probably PVC, serves to mask the glow in the dark ink which though almost transparent but could be seen on the fabric. PVC mask with a helping of sparkles will help keep the message obscured until it gets dark. Similar ideas I found when I googled, were fortune cookie underwear and secret message underwear (which I have links to). The problem I see with the glow in the dark secret underwear is charging of the ink, first you would have to leave the underwear out for a period of time (I assume at least four hours) to charge the ink, then the glow in the dark ink only discharges for a couple of hours and it will do that in your pants where no one will see it (unless, you’re a really free spirit and your turn off the light and show people). My cousin does say showing people your underwear at bars/clubs/ discos is an effective pick up act/method in some occasions, I have not tried this. T-shirts could be worn during the day to charge and then when the person goes out at night to the favourite club/bar/disco and the light are down low, the fortune will appear. Particularly fun if the fortunes have a double entendre. Alternately the fortune cookie could contain underwear and/or t-shirts (underwear for those free spirits and t-shirts for those of us who reserve underwear viewing for a select audience).
tinctora, Aug 29 2002

(?) fortune cookie underwear http://www.fiesty.n...cookie/fortune.html
[tinctora, Aug 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) secret message underwear http://www.surprise...dered_underwear.cfm
[tinctora, Aug 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Or maybe use fluorescent ink to pick up the black light.
DrCurry, Aug 29 2002

       Probable fortune cookie underwear message: "You are in for a disappointment."
calum, Aug 29 2002

       Not much of a fortune if you already know what it says (and you will the first time you wear it appropriately), so basically this is just another t-shirt with a slogan on it.
phoenix, Aug 30 2002

       okay, here is another way to do it. How about if one used LCD technology to create a screen and a mini processer to change the fortunes. Additionally having a web site to down load more fortunes for you t-shirt.
tinctora, Aug 30 2002


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