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fruit roll up(R) brakes

highly impractical, but fun none the less.
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how bout this idea? when you need to start braking, some device causes your tires to unravel like a fruit roll up! the resulting trails of rubber *should* provide a solid enough surface for you to slow down on (any weather), although trying to make it so the rubber strips don't cross paths or hit other cars/people/random animals could be tough.

The power of human ingenuity is incredible, and will probably kill us all :)

Soulr, Feb 13 2003


       or banana skins.
skinflaps, Feb 13 2003

       But, but, but . . . the unraveled part would be behind you and not between your tire, or what's left of it, and the surface you are trying to stop upon.
bristolz, Feb 13 2003

       Slam it into reverse...ahem.Not.
skinflaps, Feb 13 2003

       Good idea. If its restricted to the front wheels when the unrolling occurs the tread would end up under the rear wheels which could then begin to roll them up and you have the whole weight of the car not just the front assisting.
wst, Apr 30 2003


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