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future flash

Two new types of flash memory
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I've been reading about flexible oled and eink screens lately and with these technologys I see to newe types of flash media ariseing but were from I know not

type one is for your roll-up pda or tablet computer I expec they will have an attached housing to be rolled up in to conform to this I expect a thin long piece of flash memory will need to be created

type two more likeley eink due to image fastness is about the size of a credit card or playing card storeing difrent amounts like normal flash memmory but it has an image , list or description left on the surface by a writing/reading device I personaly think device like this would be for games so you could carry your favorite characters saved with their image perhaps allowing play with said character online and with others you know in person with a seperate device

ekpil_2001, Oct 24 2002

Sega Dreamcast VMU http://www.epinions.../content_6596365956
Memory card, with screen, displays information contained on it without a host device. Buy stock in watch battery manufacturers.. [Mr Burns, Oct 24 2002]

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       ekpil: Is that Scandinavian for oak-willow? I would suggest running your text through a spellchecker before posting to get a better, maybe positive, response.
FarmerJohn, Oct 24 2002

       <suggest: o-led and e-ink>   

       If I understand a part of this . . . I like, very much, the idea of a non-volatile memory card with an active screen on it capable of showing you the contents of the card without a host device.
bristolz, Oct 24 2002

       I like the second idea. But i concur with FarmerJohn, the best responses coem from well-spelt ideas. Unless they are mine. But i've been here long enough to get away with typo's.
[ sctld ], Oct 24 2002

       In the case of [ekspil] it appears likely to be a legitimate struggle in a language not his own.   

       In your case [ sctld ] it appears as disrespect for your reader.
bristolz, Oct 24 2002

       But appearances can be deceiving.
[ sctld ], Oct 24 2002

       Just like the Dreamcast memory cards? Oh wait, those take batteries... lots and lots of batteries...
Mr Burns, Oct 24 2002


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