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garage buddy

some device linked to the automatic door
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so that in addition to the door opening, there is some action (music? wind up toy? anything) OK - the light doesn't "count", but it is a nice touch.
lewstanley, Nov 28 2003

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       What appears to be a beautiful naked woman peddling a stationary bicycle connected by chain drive to the door opening mechanism.
wombat, Nov 28 2003

       1) Remove light bulb from opener housing
2) Insert AC tap into socket
3) Replace bulb
4) Plug electrical thingy into AC tap
5) Enjoy music/bubble maker/sex toy
Cedar Park, Nov 28 2003

       Add a giant rainbow-coloured web which fires out from the back of the garage (custard-powered of course) and captures your car, pulling it inward accompanied by a recording of an octopus eating a shrimp (only amplified significantly). When the car reaches the parking spot the web releases its grip and winds back into its holder ready for next time. In this way you can park the car on the driveway and activate the garage door then stroll into your house without even bothering to drive into the garage to park.   

       Was this the sort of useful and specific thing you had in mind [DrCurry]
dobtabulous, Nov 28 2003

       A mechanical Homer Simpson screams, bulges his eyes, turns and runs to the back of the garage to the house entry door.
wombat, Nov 28 2003

       Perhaps a laser light show across the darkened garage, which you could watch while the door opened all the way.
bungston, Dec 02 2003

       How about a hydraulic car crusher?
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 03 2003


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