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giant Velcro snap bracelet

many uses
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A snap bracelet*, about 4-6" wide, a yard long, with a rubber covering, hook on one side, loop on the other embedded in the rubber.

Good for:

1. catching naked sweaty guys on crystal meth,

2. temporarily securing large cables,

3. attaching to a personal ballistic parachutes (and placing them in a rack that successive people can run through and have the bracelets snap around them as the parachutes launch).

4. 8th of 7's securing of cats to small trees,

5. holding in a girdle while the strings are pulled.

* A snap bracelet is a thin, straight strip of metal that has a shallow "C" cross section. When the convex side of the strip is slapped against the wrist, the strip curls up, enclosing the wrist.

nomocrow, Sep 25 2008


       We like this [+]
8th of 7, Sep 25 2008

       //catching naked sweaty guys on crystal meth//. I'm sorry, for what? Is this a game of yours? Is there some remarkable behavior of men on amphetamines that you are keenly aware of? [marked-for-deletion] stereotyping. Remove the first use and I'll remove mine... The category still needs adjustment.
daseva, Oct 22 2008

       // Is there some remarkable behavior of men on amphetamines that you are keenly aware of//   

       I've been made keenly aware that they try to steal my lawnmower and tools on a fairly regular basis. And that sometimes they mix the diamond with the pearl and get nekkid and turn it on the world.
nomocrow, Oct 26 2017

       Well, I'm glad that that's all been taken care of.
normzone, Oct 26 2017


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