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convert your iPad into a bat
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iPaddle is a short handle, which clips securely unto your iPad and converts it neatly into a table tennis bat. Each impact elicits a preassigned noise or special note from within the respective iPads.

iPad's in built motion sensors, combined with impact analyses software, produce endless graphs, charts, graphics and other game statistics for the enthusiastic competitors.

xenzag, Jun 15 2010

That's a paddlin' http://www.youtube....watch?v=hFgR0m-9FmM
[rcarty, Jun 15 2010]

Sriver L - a classic table tennis rubber. http://www.tableten...42&product=bsriverl
Glue this to to the back of the iPad, attach the iPaddle, and play pen hold style... [Jinbish, Jun 15 2010]

Pen hold grip http://www.ittf.com..._09_01_09_Large.jpg
Traditionally only uses only one side of the bat (more modern approaches use both sides). [Jinbish, Jun 15 2010]

IPA charts http://www.yorku.ca/earmstro/ipa/
[pocmloc, May 01 2011]


       Using your iPad as a paddle, you better believe that's a paddling.
rcarty, Jun 15 2010

       So this is an iBat then? The iPaddle would have a longer attachment and be used for watersports.
pocmloc, Jun 15 2010

       I'm sure iOar was a donkey in "Winnie the Pooh".   

       I had to buy two iPads - one wasn't quite enough to prop up the wobbly bench in my workshop.   

       I'll be a lot happier when Apple finally release the iDoorstop.
Twizz, Jun 15 2010

       I'm waiting for us to come full circle and the eventual release of the iComputer - a computer, that (very cleverly) looks just like one of those old computers, except that you can only interface with it by stroking and its glossy sides (until the next "revolution", the drool-based interface - due for release - early 2015) upon which you can only run software that's been approved and licenced by a great big software company - software that they keep updating (to frustrate those people who've figured out how to use it as a proper computer) so that before you can use anything, you have to click on millions of "Accept" buttons. In fact, I'd quite like Apple to release a device that manages my Apple software so that I don't have to - I could simply plug it into a major artery and have it suck the life blood out of me as I go about my daily business. <rant over> It wouldn't be so bad if they just weren't all so damn *shiny*!
zen_tom, Jun 15 2010

       //I'll be a lot happier when Apple finally release the iDoorstop// They did, but they called it "AppleTV" and it doubles as a hotplate.
MisterQED, Jun 15 2010

       I was hoping for an exciting combination of bedroom toy for naughty boys and girls and digital mayhem.
Voice, Apr 30 2011

       I like it, but probably best to borrow someone else's before you do the full John McEnroe bit.   

       Call me boring and pedantic, but that should be pronounced "ee-pad" this side of the Atlantic, like "ee-raq" and "ee-talian"...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 30 2011

       An emergency item for when you're up iShit Creek?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 30 2011

       // An emergency item for when you're up iShit Creek//   

       I'm not quite sure the original idea was for monitoring bowel movements, but I suppose it could function that way..and no one would ever want to borrow your ee-pad ever again
not_morrison_rm, Apr 30 2011

       Call me boring and pedantic, but Eeyore was a character in 'Winnie-the-Pooh' (note hyphens) and 'The House at Pooh Corner'.   

       The iOar joke only works with that pronunciation, [nmr]. I intend to say ee-pad from now on. Good call.   

       [zen_tom] I second that rant. I hope you get to see the Futurama episode with EyePhones.
spidermother, May 01 2011

       //iOar joke only works// Agreed, I was going to ring with apology, but I've mislaid my ee-phone..
not_morrison_rm, May 01 2011

       I don't quite understand the ee- pronounciation. Shouldn't it be a short ih- like in India or idiot? If only...
pocmloc, May 01 2011

       I kept ignoring this idea, started reading it, then realised it was one of mine!
xenzag, May 01 2011

       //but I've mislaid my ee-phone..// If you pronounce it like you would pronounce the "phone" in "Persephone", it sounds like "if-only"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 01 2011

       Like India, but the way India is pronounced in the Monkey Magic theme song. Also, the way India is pronounced in India. A long 'i', which inevitably sounds rather like 'ee'. Really, it's just pronouncing it (sorry) phonetically.   

       A further tip: If you pronounce everything using pure, slightly elongated European vowels like that, and add 'mon' occasionally, you have a plausible Jamaican accent.
spidermother, May 01 2011

       Certainly not of her own accord...   

       By plausible, I mean silly and fake. By Jamaican, I mean silly and fake.
spidermother, May 01 2011

       //slightly elongated European vowels// There is a very long argument in there about the inadvisability of letting people with those long vowels decide the way to spell the names of places in south-east Asia in the latin alphabet...which I would love to contribute to , but my ee-mac seems to playing up ¬&)P)*>@""&
not_morrison_rm, May 02 2011

       Oh yes, I forgot about eMacs. They'll have to be pronounced air-mahk to fit the scheme and ovoid confusion.   

       There's a long story about the fakin' Jamaican thing. It involves Germans, a cat, and a fictional moose.
spidermother, May 04 2011

       // but my ee-mac seems to playing up // I don't see how problems removing body hair would affect your contribution to discourse.
marklar, May 05 2011


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