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give automotive fuel injectors helium, er hydrogen voice

helium voice; if fuel injectors had it they would have teenier droplets; we suggest hydrogen from electrolysis as the gas right near the fuel injector to creater higher velocity tinier droplets to give higher fuel efficiency
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There is just one part of this idea that doesn't make sense; I think engineers must be able to create any size microparticle droplet they desire from an ordinary fuel injector right now

That said I once read a technical article that described making teenier particles as the big goal

I thuink electrolysis of water could make a microstream of hydrogen right near the fuel njector nozzle giving it the hydrogen equivalent of helium voice to create tinier higher velocity droplets

beanangel, Mar 13 2010

Boiled Gas Boiled_20Gasoline_20Engine
the ultimate in teenier droplets [afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 14 2010]


       using electrolysis to turn water into gas to burn it and get motion is much less efficient than going straight from electric to motion.   

       In other words, an electric motor is often more than 90% efficient, if you have the juice then best to put it there and forget about the gas motor.
AutoMcDonough, Mar 13 2010

       [+] hmm... so the chemical version of the gun where the laser creates a vacuum an ion stream can more easily flow through
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2010

       The motor is efficient but the batteries aren't always that good.
RayfordSteele, Mar 13 2010

       often thought that there (might be) something to that HOOH or whatever they call it. Not for the obvious reason(for the obvious reasons), but because there might be a better burn.
FlyingToaster, Mar 14 2010

       Additionally, I'm pretty sure droplet size from an injector is unrelated to the density of the surrounding gas. [-]
5th Earth, Mar 14 2010

       the individual molecules will move faster, ie: disperse, in H2 than in air.
FlyingToaster, Mar 15 2010

       I think that instead of injectors we need tiny flying elves to dip their gossamer wings in tiny pots of fluid fuel then gently flap it into a completely uniform mixture and gently push that mixture evenly to the very edge of the valve. The n they could grab tiny hand holds and hold on for deal life lest they be swept into the conflagration.
WcW, Mar 15 2010


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