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gradual acceleration teacher gives higher mileage

foam or custard wedge under gas pedal with bluetooth readout modifies gas pedal habits
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I don't drive but I think a foam wedge under the gas pedal plus a bluetooth readout could predictably teach drivers to modify gas pedal usage, if they really felt like going fast they could but it would require more foot pressure

the bluetooth readout would show a contour graph of the persons gas pedal use compared with a theoretical better version

any guess as to beneficial mileage effect if such an item or just great software teaches the world to drive 10 pt more efficiently that represents something like maybe a third of the total US fuel consumption saved

dubious custard filled speed bump humor:

Note: this alleged idea is actually a bluetooth custard filled speed bump you keep under the gas pedal to save the planet

(each person could have their very own custard filled speed bump)

beanangel, Oct 10 2008

custard filled speed bumps Custard-Filled_20Speed_20Bumps
[beanangel, Oct 10 2008]

Kiwi Gas Saver: Drive Green http://www.youtube....watch?v=BgNPwB-auu4
Just like the idea, except no custard wedge. And it only costs a lot of green. What are you waiting for? [Amos Kito, Oct 12 2008]


       Some vehicles have real-time gas mileage displays. I'd prefer a simpler indication than a "contour graph" -- perhaps a secondary speedometer needle? It would be even easier with a “gas saver” function of cruise control.
Amos Kito, Oct 10 2008

       As a commuter slave, I can tell you that you'd want an adjustable response pressure on the underpedal bump. Often how you need to drive is beyond your control - repeated fast starts and fast stops, long periods of high or low speed travel are forced upon you, and you adapt as you must. Anything that impairs comfort will garner fishbones.
normzone, Oct 10 2008

       I think you'd just end up teaching people to push the pedal harder. A simple LED that lit whenever gas mileage dropped below optimal would work better.
phoenix, Oct 10 2008

       If the readout was linked to the price of fuel then you could see your cash being burnt away as you went along. How depressing is that!
DrBob, Oct 10 2008

       Maybe you should go drive, or learn to drive, and then report back with an essay titled "Why It's a Bad Idea To Jam Stuff Behind The Gas Pedal".
Noexit, Oct 10 2008

       What about a cup of hot coffee on the dash? That would also modify one's braking and swerving habits...
CwP, Oct 11 2008

       Also, I used to have a car chip that provided engine performance with strip charts. I could tell where I went just by looking at the strip charts.   

       I said used to have because someone took my truck again (second time it was stolden) and by the time it was recovered, the chip was gone. I miss it.
CwP, Oct 11 2008

       In the 70's, some cars came with an analog mileage meter similar to the speedometer (red, yellow, green). It was simply the engine vacuum, which is a good indicator of throttle position in relation to the engine speed.
cblunds, Oct 13 2008

       I had two of those vacuum gauges on my 69’ Triumph Spitfire Mk3. It had two SU carburetors so I had a multi-colored gauge for each built into a custom wooden dashboard. The girls loved those complex and wonderful gages! Gas mileage wasn’t an issue back then. I would love to have that car back… and not just for the gas mileage…
CwP, Oct 13 2008

       The reason I like this idea is the huge value   

       US exported about 300 billion dollars of high tech gear during 2007   

       I think vehicle fuel is near a trillion or two (based on 1999 all petroleum a trillion, then tripled at 2008)   

       thus a 15 pt vehicle mileage improvement approaches 300 billion value of all the high tech export earnings I think software can teach that   

       I think they should have every FBI agent n DHS worker spend 5 to 10 pt of their time trying to improve gas mileage or tutoring drivers ed: conservation version I know I'm being funny but it gets more security than monitoring airports, buildings or people
beanangel, Oct 15 2008


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