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dismember Asimo to speed up real world jobs
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Here in NZ we have recycling trucks with a hydraulic arm for picking up the large plastic recycling and green bins. Couldn't a stereo vision setup and some computing algorithmic power be used to semi automate the pick up process?

The driver could then approximately line up the bin and have grabby do all the rest of the work. Grabby could even lift fallen bins, check contents for forbidden items and make the hand gesture for no, to inform the driver. If the arm is quick enough the driver might be able to avoid the start and stop driving style.

I am sure Asimo will give its right arm to help out, plus do anything not to walk up any more stairs.

wjt, Jul 31 2015

https://www.youtube...watch?v=VimeICchIHE [pashute, Aug 06 2020]


       Oh yes, Asimo not Asimov. That just wouldn't be right would it.
wjt, Jul 31 2015

       I, for one, think dismembering the man and using his corpse as robot parts would be a fitting memorial.   

       // If the arm is quick enough// The bins would have to be redesigned not to leak or break when moved quickly. I envision a garbage truck driving down the road at 40 kph with an arm flashing out, down, up, and back down at each residence.
Voice, Aug 01 2015

       Aren't all the ideas from the famous and geniuses slowly exploded into the humanity consciousness after death.   

       As an aside isn't Asimo top down? If you took all the real world solutions of clever robotics and added them together then that would be "Asimov" the robotic incarnation of the legend.
wjt, Aug 03 2015

       For the cost of one of these, how many Greeks could you employ?
RayfordSteele, Aug 03 2015

       One of Asimov's novels, "The Naked Sun", has a madman roboticist create a robot with removable limbs; one of which is used as a murder weapon.
lurch, Aug 03 2015

       /The driver could then approximately line up the bin and have grabby do all the rest of the work./   

       Such as GLORIOUS BATTLE with other similarly endowed trucks! Mayhem! I envision the "come on" hand gesture before engagement. One technique might be to beat the opposing truck with its own muffler and exhaust pipe that you have wrenched loose.   

       The losing arm will be deposited in the trash bin of the winner.
bungston, Aug 05 2015

       Maybe there could be five versions.
nineteenthly, Aug 06 2015

       [pashute]; that yellow bin-destroying grab is ridiculous! There's a design engineer somewhere that needs to be put in a wheelie-bin. Although they seem to have fixed the bin- crush problem by the end of the video...
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 06 2020


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