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carry your gear or luggage on the back of this puppy
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Imagine taking all your crap that you need to carry, from books to luggage,and let's not forget the trusty mailman walking around with everyone's junk. Well take a load off and pile it into the i-caddy which is a battery powered cart that follows behind you like a puppy. You wear a sensor clip on the back of your clothing. It follows behing you (approx. 2ft.). It stops when you stop, shut it down so it sit's still, and it emits an audible sound when it gets stuck or it senses danger (stairs etc.). The technology is there, someone help me develop it before you see them following every kid to school. Links to relevant info. would be appreciated!
stars, Aug 20 2004

Kangaroo Caddy http://www.altapowe...s/Specs_Command.htm
[jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Lectronic Kaddy http://www.kaddy.com/features.html
[jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Bluetooth Golf Trolley http://www.halfbake...th_20Golf_20Trolley
Also, pretty similar to this idea and the links therein. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Remote Golf Caddy http://www.remotegolfcaddy.com/
Here's a wireless controlled electric cart that automatically follows at a discreet 5+ feet and has extra storage space. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       Aside from the bag, box or platform that you would mount on your specific model of i-caddy, I'm really not clear how this substantially differs from the many models of radio-controlled electric golf caddies already available. Two popular models are linked at left. I believe that the old Dynamis caddy actually had the exact follow-me feature you describe back in the early 1980s, but they no longer seem to be available. (Edit: But Remote Golf Caddy seems to have this exact feature.)
jurist, Aug 21 2004

       I see the links provided are directed to the sport of golf. I envision a general purpose vehicle that is mass produced and marketed to the average person who travels, has a job that involves carrying something from place to place, or students who always have a back full of books etc. Thanks for all the feedback, i think i found a new virtual home!
stars, Aug 21 2004

       The power source, motor, controls and underlying chassis of the i-caddy would be the same regardless of the ultimate user. Only the carrier box and cosmetics would be customized for its precise purpose.   

       I suspect that the main reasons you've only seen these units marketed as golfing accessories thus far are:1) Golfers have a legitimate marketing need; 2)Golfers tend to have the necessary disposable income to afford the unit; 3)Golfers have the necessary room to freely operate the unit without impeding other peoples' activities; 4) Storage space required between short bursts of active usage for golfers is not a major issue, as it would be with airport travellers or students or users in any other crowded environment.
jurist, Aug 21 2004

       To overcome problems 3 and 4 use an electric rotary motor. Very small, low cost and highly efficient.
pashute, Apr 17 2006

       cant we just hire midgets?
bleh, Apr 19 2006


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